Torquato Tasso

Address: Defensa 1575 – San Telmo

This is a typically porteño place found in San Telmo, opposite Parque Lezama, with a “Filete” (typical painting) in the front that encourages contact with tango at its best. It calls itself THE “milonga porteña”, consisting of a traditional place where “genuine” tango artists perform, and milonga and tango lessons are offered.
The show involves the best musicians and singers in the genre in a café-concert outline, where dinner is available, as well as a variety of drinks or wine. It is on stage every day and, when it is over, the milonga starts and goes on until dawn.
However, the most popular day for this milonga is Sunday at 10 pm, where an informal atmosphere is created by the convergence of experts and novices, old and young.
The lessons offered cater for all levels of learning, or improvement for advanced dancers. It is recommended to consult about the schedule, as there are different daily offers.

Façade of the Torquato Tasso Cultural Centre
Façade of the Torquato Tasso Cultural Centre

Façade of the Torquato Tasso Cultural Centre
Torquato Tasso Café Concert

Kronopios Arte Bar

Address: Elcano 3640 – Belgrano

Kronopios is a restaurant-bar-disco-pub that offers a special way of gathering, celebrating birthdays, bacherlor’s parties, or just to listen to music, live shows, performances and displays. All that has been stated before can be accompanied by the possibility of eating good pizza, having drinks and to have fun with board games.

La Trastienda

Address: Balcarce 460 – San Telmo

This is a traditional bar and pub of Buenos Aires in which you can have good drinks and some light food dishes while watching the best shows in the city in a warm, comfortable and stylish place. Its atmosphere is intimate with lights that highlight the walls in soft tones and the decoration’s style is retro.
It has a premium area that is decorated as a design living room.
It opens from Monday to Friday from 12 to 00 hours and on weekends it remains open until 1.30am since it is when the disco opens. The happy hour is from 5pm to 8pm.
The shows vary according the day, please inform yourself.

Bar Sur

Address: Estados Unidos 299 – San Telmo

It is one of the pioneers of the café-concert trend in the city. Since its foundation in 1967, it has devoted to tango, proposing a genuine show that integrates all its styles. Music, singing, 2×4 dancing and art converge in this night show that adds excellent gastronomic service. The show has been thought to portray a real image of our culture through tango, far from the “for export” proposal, and much closer to the guests’ expectations. It consists of a participative proposal, allowing guests to pick titles, sing along and dance with the performers. It is also possible to buy art objects, paints, pictures and fashion articles.
The price varies, being the service a la carte. It has always functioned in the ground floor of a building that dates back to 1910, with the peculiarity of an intimate ambience and tango decoration, also displaying works of the artist Máximo Paz.
External façade of the Bar Sur
External façade of the Bar Sur

Clásica y Moderna Café Concert

Address: Av. Callao. 892 – Recoleta

According to the time of day, it offers varied alternatives, like enjoying a good coffee, a quick lunch, or tea, while devoting some time to either leafing through or buying some of the books on display.
At night it becomes one of those porteño resorts that offer good solos, or musical shows of different genres, mainly jazz and tango.

Interior of Clásica y Moderna café
Interior of Clásica y Moderna café

Interior of Clásica y Moderna café
Clásica y Moderna

El Gato Negro Café Concert

Address: Av Corrientes 1669 – 1º piso – San Nicolás

A place to please senses, the smell of the most exotic spices overtaking and tempting guests to enjoy the great variety of special teas and coffees of unique flavors. It is ideal for a pause in a hectic day or the interval before the play. It is also the city’s best spices shop, selling the most exclusive ones worldwide.
Solos and intimate jazz or tango shows are usually offered on the first floor.
At El Gato Negro café it is possible to find the best spices of Argentina
At El Gato Negro café it is possible to find the best spices of Argentina


Address: Crisólogo Larralde 1041 – Nuñez

This place combines disco and restaurant in a sophisticated ambience with an excellent design. The style of the architecture is art deco, with the Marcelino Tomasella touch.
It has a stage for live performances and shows. The total capacity is of 2000 people and the restaurant can host up to 600. It offers international cuisine in charge of the well known European chef Roby Cataldo whose specialty are Mediterranean dishes.
It also has a VIP area for the celebrities in which the most exclusive events, presentations, parties, etc take place.
The music is in charge of the DJ resident Javier D-May, and it has a clear tendency to house and tecno music.
The disco has 90 private garages and parking lots with security staff with a capacity for 1000 vehicles, the price of this service is not included in the entrance ticket. It is the place of choice of the young adults (ages from 22 on). Follia organizes special events of high level.
It opens for dinner at 9:30pm.


Address: Hipólito Yrigoyen 968 – Monserrat

New nightclub downtown Buenos Aires for women only. It opens Fridays and Saturdays from 1 AM, and casual wear or shoes are not allowed. Most Saturdays there are theme parties.

Niceto Club

Address: Niceto Vega 5510 – Palermo

Since it’s opening in July 1998, Niceto Club immediately became the musical referent in the area of Palermo.
Today Niceto Club is to be considered the only place in Buenos Aires where such a big diversity of styles, artists and audiences converge. Many local and international artists have performed in its stage and booth, whereas in the two dance floors it hosts many parties ranging from pop and rock to reggae, hip hop, electronica, tango, soul, funk and more…

Sahara Continent

Address: Junín 1735 – Recoleta

This place has a façade that resembles the African desert is famous for gathering large groups of people who want to have fun dancing in a relaxed ambience. Its location in the core of Recoleta also makes it a desirable option.
The restaurant opens every day from 7pm to 00am, offering options of international cuisine.
The disco works according to the attendance, but it gets crowded on Saturdays since it offers three different dance floors.

Sahara, seen from the outside
Sahara, seen from the outside

Sahara, seen from the outside
Exterior of Sahara.

Sahara, seen from the outside