Address: Alvarez Jonte 3550 – Villa Luro

Tokio coffee & bar opened its doors in 1930. After having many owners and a slow but continuous process of deterioration it was finally abandoned in 2004. It’s state was so bad that there where no investors who felt attracted to restore it. It was meant to disappear.
It’s regular customers and the people who lived near got very sad because they felt as if a piece of their history was being let die. One day they decided to recover their own Tokio. It was a very hard work but it did pay off. The restoring of that coffee from the 30’s kept its style, the bar, the tables and their chairs and its huge glass door. It was inaugurated again on February 25th, 2005 and it attracted a whole new public and it received the “Notable” distinction by the city government. The objective of the shareholders is to preserve this unique place that cannot be replaced and to foster culture so that the past is not forgotten and so that new things can be learned every day.