La Buena Medida

Address: Suárez 101 – La Boca

It was a store and drinks place at first, its name coming from the motto: “to drink, you’d better drink good; to drink good…the good measure”.
It was turned into this bar in 1972. Its owners are Angel and Antonio Schiavone, father and son, who acquired the place in 1971.
It offers mainly bologna and prosciutto sandwiches, and homemade dishes at lunchtime. The drink most ordered is wine and sparkling water, which replaced the gin and the coffee.
After the ‘80s, bohemians started to disappear and the port ceased its activities, which dragged this symbol to stagnation.
It keeps great part of its charm, as it has not been substantially modified. However, a restoration is necessary, especially in the floor and the formica table tops.


Petit Colón

Address: Libertad 505 – San Nicolás

This is an unavoidable place for the habitués of the Colon theater, either before or after the show. They generally meet in this traditional and beautiful bar; a classic among the classics, with wooden coating on the walls, collector’s pieces, and shiny marble-topped tables and bronze details. It is also frequented by law professionals.


Café – Café Retiro

Address: Terminal Ferrocarril Mitre s/n dentro de la estación – Retiro

This bar is located in Retiro Terminal, where the Mitre train used to operate. Fortunately, it has been recently rescued from oblivion and restored, recovering the splendor in all its details, thus looking as warm as exquisite.
It is worthwhile to stop for a coffee and enjoy its luxurious decoration, the stained glass dome, the boisserie and the high quality furniture standing out.
Cultural activities, such as live tango or jazz performances, paintings and engravings of different visual artists, often take place. There is also a poetry workshop, and a place exclusively reserved for reading.
Café Café in the Retiro Terminal Station (ex Mitre railway)
Café Café in the Retiro Terminal Station (ex Mitre railway)

Claridge Bar

Address: Tucumán. 535 – San Nicolás

This bar belongs to the traditional Claridge Hotel has an extra prestige due to the originality and the quality of the barman’s drinks, who prepares a great variety of international drinks, among which his own version of dry Martini, Negroni and Pisco Sur stand out.
It opens on weekdays from 9am to 1pm, and during weekends and holidays from 11am till midnight.


Clásica y Moderna Librería-Bar

Address: Av. Callao 892 – Recoleta

According to the time of day, it offers varied alternatives, like enjoying a good coffee, a quick lunch, or tea, while devoting some time to either leafing through or buying some of the books on display.
At night it becomes one of those porteño resorts that offer good solos, or musical shows of different genres, mainly jazz and tango.


El Preferido de Palermo

Address: Jorge Luis Borges 2108 – Palermo

The tourists visiting Palermo cannot resist the temptation of coming into “El Preferido de Palermo” (the favorite in Palermo), in Borges and Guatemala streets, which is placed in a hundred-year-old construction of thick walls and an only floor. It keeps, like just a few, the traditional store that sold drinks, which connects to the bar through a door where there used to be a curtain of color stripes. Like in old stores, the entrance to it is in the octagonal side, flanked by two streetlamps, the entrance to the bar being on Borges st., with a wider façade with columns and cornices of Italian style.
Since it opened in 1900, it has been a family business. When it was a store, a lot of people would come in for a vermut, and a little over a decade ago, some meals were added in a simple and homemade menu.
This classic congregates the all-time habitués, generally people from around, youngsters and tourists added; they all contribute to the preservation of this tradition that resists the imposition of today’s ephemeral trends.


Bar El Federal

Address: Carlos Calvo 395 / 399 – San Telmo

This bar is located in a traditional corner of San Telmo and it has been in business since 1864 so it is worthy of being among the “Bares Notables”, since the visitor finds himself automatically stepping back as if he were in the time tunnel.
The most impressive item upon entrance is the bar, crowned by a wood-and-stained-glass arch with an inactive clock in the middle. It preserves the original tile floor, and has decorative elements that stress, unlike a great many, the true “porteño” spirit: “filetes”, old tables, the wooden shelves crowded with a collection of bottles, the register from yesteryear, and many other signs that situate us back in time.
The place is not only traditional but the menu agrees perfectly with its appearance: Fernet, Gancia, or craft beer; a sandwich, sirloin steak or a “picada”, so unique to this city are among the options when resting or reading a book from the small library the bar has. Likewise, it offers more elaborate meals, like pasta, steak or local fast food.
This place is quiet and ideal for whiling time away, for a retreat from the hectic activity out the door. During the weekend at midday, there are tango singers that go around the tables, getting people to rehearse some steps as long as they agree.
On Fridays and Saturday nights, it turns into a dance-pub, and youngsters fill it up thus recovering a place that belongs to the history of the city.
Reservations are required.


Bar Seddon

Address: Defensa 695 – San Telmo

This bar is only twenty years old, thus being one of the youngest “Notables”. It started business on 25 de Mayo St., close to the corner of Córdoba Ave.
It deserves the honor of being among the Notables due to the impression of time freezing in its interior, for the classic decorative items, such as the old furniture, chandeliers, antique dealers’ display cabinets, a railroad clock and French and Italian Sculptures.
The classic are beer and peanuts, whiscola, cuba libre and tequila. It is a good option to have a candle-lit dinner.
Some days, it offers tango lessons, and there are excellent live blues and jazz during the weekend.


Café Esquina Homero Manzi

Address: Av San Juan 3601 – Boedo

During the day it is a resto-bar that offers breakfast and lunch of executive menu prices.
It is one of the “Bares Notables”, (literally “remarkable bars”, were considered so by law because of their close relation to the local culture), and has a typical tango decoration.
At night, it offers a dinner-tango-show of high international level.
It has been named after one the greatest tango poets, Homero Manzi, author of immortal pieces, as this was where he would stop on a daily basis to meet with friends. Nowadays, we can find innumerable objects as keepsakes, such as scores, manuscripts, pictures, “fileteados” (typical paintings) with fragments of his famous songs like “Malena” or “Sur” among the most popular ones.

El C.O.D.O

Address: Guardia Vieja 4085 – Almagro

This recently redesigned restaurant opens at 10pm, offering pizza or pasta (you can repeat the dish or the beverages as many times as you want). After 1am it turns into a dance floor. This is where the best classics of the 70’s are revived, which makes this a very special place to go with nostalgic friends and who want to dance.