Bar Sur

Address: Estados Unidos 299 – San Telmo

It is one of the pioneers of the café-concert trend in the city. Since its foundation in 1967, it has devoted to tango, proposing a genuine show that integrates all its styles. Music, singing, 2×4 dancing and art converge in this night show that adds excellent gastronomic service. The show has been thought to portray a real image of our culture through tango, far from the “for export” proposal, and much closer to the guests’ expectations. It consists of a participative proposal, allowing guests to pick titles, sing along and dance with the performers. It is also possible to buy art objects, paints, pictures and fashion articles.
The price varies, being the service a la carte. It has always functioned in the ground floor of a building that dates back to 1910, with the peculiarity of an intimate ambience and tango decoration, also displaying works of the artist Máximo Paz.
External façade of the Bar Sur
External façade of the Bar Sur

Bar O Bar

Address: Tres Sargentos 415 – Retiro

This pub was founded in 1969 by the artist Luis Felipe Noé, it is considered the first pub in the city. It never ceased to be a symbol of the avant-garde generation, and an emblem to the ’70s intellectuals, even though it was moved once from its original site at 874 Reconquista St. It was always famous, and the place chosen by writers, visual artists, musicians and philosophers of all times.
It offers a tempting menu, out of which the picada, black beer, and porteño dishes are recommended. The bar is remarkable for the big barrels full of peanuts in shell, permanently available to all guests; the shells are dropped, thus “carpeting” the floor, and giving the place a peculiar color that remains through time.


Address: Av. Córdoba 4119 – Almagro

It is located only two blocks from the mega club Amerika, and consists of a pre-dance circuit frequented by gays. It is advisable to go early, being that it normally gets crowded. It offers a phone system that allows for communication from table to table. There are regular transvestite shows and special events.

Bach Bar

Address: Cabrera 4390 – Palermo

This is one of the bars that attract lesbians the most. It offers shows performed by transvestites and really hot women. It usually organizes special group events and theme days, such as “Cupid Bach”(telegrams) on Wednesdays, and Karaoke on Sundays.

A small group of people watching a show inside the bar
A small group of people watching a show inside the bar

A small group of people watching a show inside the bar
People dancing in the bar


Address: Arenales 2932 – Recoleta

This ten year old pub hosts groups of friends who gather to have a drink and to play pool since it has 24 pool tables. Another option for having fun is the electronic darts and board games.
This pub has three floors and you may go to have a traditional dinner, pizza, or any other fast food option. The variety of drinks offered is very broad; however, beer is the drink of choice, very traditional.
The giant screens broadcast football matches constitute a very appealing feature that turned this pub into a classic.
Tuesday is its the most busy but it opens everyday except for Mondays.
Interior of the pub
Interior of the pub

Down Town Matias

Address: Echeverría 3195 – Belgrano

This is a picturesque Irish pub adjacent to the railroads, a few meters away from Belgrano R. Station. Having a cup of coffee at an outside table and listening to the train whistling and the sound of the locomotive is a one-of-a-kind experience. Obviously, all kinds of beers and drinks cannot be absent at an Irish pub. Downtown Matías offers over 100 types of whisky, just to mention a few. As if this were not enough, it is also a restaurant, with capacity for 100 people. Salads are among the best. It is the ideal place for getting together with friends or co-workers during “after-office” hours. Happy hour is from 6 pm to 11 pm. It usually offers live music shows.

Podestá Super Club

Address: Armenia 1740 – Palermo

It is located in the fashionable neighborhood of Palermo Soho. This disco currently occupies in the place where “La Argentina” used to be. It is bar and disco at the same time. The bar is amazing due to the broad range of drinks it offers at reasonable prices and the ones that stand out are Martín and Daiquiri. It serves Mexican food until 2am (you can choose from tacos, quesadillas, nachos, and other delicious dishes at moderate prices).
The disco is on the high ground where the local bands play and the resident DJs.
It opens of Thursday, Wednesday and Saturday. The doors open at 11:00pm and they normally close around 6am.