Downtown Matías

Address: San Martín 979 – Retiro

It is one of the Celt style bars with most attendance due to its location in the downside and the ambience created between the music and the decoration, with the popular barrel beer and peanuts.
Besides, it has a hundred whiskey varieties.
It is open almost all day long, the whole week and it closes late, specially on weekends since there are live jazz, blues, rock and Celt music bands.
It offers a menu of international cuisine, in which chicken with champignon and “Carré de ciruela” (meat with plums) stand out. It attracts executives who may choose the noon economic menu or who choose it as an option for a quiet after-office, to play darts and to take the best of the happy hour to taste the six varieties of barrel beer, or the best bottled ones.

Exterior of the pub
Exterior of the pub

Exterior of the pub
The bar filled woth bottles

Exterior of the pub
Big quantity of bottles decorate the bar

Exterior of the pub
Decoration of the pub

Exterior of the pub
Set of darts

Exterior of the pub
Goblin of the bar

Exterior of the pub
External view of the bar


Address: Costa Rica 5886 – Palermo

Pinkalola is a bar in the neighborhood of Palermo that offers gourmet sandwiches in a modern setting in pink tones. On Thursdays, a DJ plays live music, and on Saturdays there are jazz and pop bands performances. Sandwiches are classified as de la estancia (from the ranch), del mar (from the sea), de la granja (from the farm) or de la huerta (from the vegetable garden), depending on whether the main ingredient is meat, fish, chicken, or vegetables. All sandwiches are served with baked potatoes and fresh herbs. The salad menu is really varied. Excellent service.


Address: Santa Fe 1898 – Recoleta

It is a classic of Santa Fe Avenue. A good place to enjoy pizza and beer. The ambience is standard, but it is a place to look and to be looked at.

Café Oviedo

Address: Pueyrredón y Santa Fe s/n – Recoleta

At the center of the gay scene of Buenos Aires, this place is one of the essentials to begin the night as well as to end it with breakfast.

Mitos Argentinos

Address: Humberto Primo 489 – San Telmo

This place located in San Telmo is a night pub in which rock and blues predominate.
You can have beer and pizza (you can have as may pizzas as you want for no extra charge), but it is essential to book in advance for said option or you may just go for a drink. The music styles that predominate are rock and blues, buy the usual trend is to invite bands of all styles, even melodic bands.
Apart from this night stage, Mitos has another stage that is far more important which is to foster the local traditions. There are folklore and tango classes during the afternoon and on Sundays there is a traditional lunch, with offal, asado (traditional barbecue) and local wines, etc. You can also enjoy tango and folklore shows of a very high level.

Bar Le Caravelle

Address: Lavalle 726 – San Nicolás

This history-filled place is open all day. Due to its convenient location, it is usually full of tourists who want to have a quick meal or who come because of a recommendation of someone from Buenos Aires. However, it still has its regular customers who never give up on it because they state that their pizzetas are unique and that there is no flavor that could ever match theirs. They also serve delicious sandwiches and picadas that can be accompanied by a broad range of drinks, from the classic ones and from the other ones.
Must: espresso coffee, the Italian way.
The service is also highlighted, with a touch of informality and of warmth.

El Progreso

Address: Av. Montes de Oca 1700 – Barracas

This bar was inaugurated in 1911, and still keeps the art deco style on its frosted glass windows and its beautiful boisserie. It has a wooden screen that stands out as the division of the room in two, stressing the tradition of the “family room” half.

La Embajada

Address: Santiago del Estero 88 – Monserrat

It is located in one of the most significant urban zones in the city, among the Barolo path, the domes, and the historic buildings along Avenida de Mayo; it is among the most traditional bars in the city. In addition, it is also a shop, with a very tempting offer for those who fall for Spanish cold cuts, such as ham, Catalan blood-sausage and “Butifarras” (a kind of sausage made from pork). The recommended product is the ham sandwich.
It remains closed on Sundays.

La Giralda

Address: Av. Corrientes 1453 – San Nicolás

This café, among the most traditional ones in the city, is located on the ground floor of a French style building; one of those that keep intact features of past times, among them the neon lights that combine with the original marble on the tables, and the customary aprons of the wait staff that harmonize with the old and classic glass sugar bowls. Likewise, its frame of decorative wooden details construct a unique appearance loaded with legends that can be perceived floating in the air.
It is highly recommendable to take a hot chocolate with “churros” (fried pastry) before or after the movie.