Boedo Antiguo

Address: José Mármol 1692 – Boedo

Good food and live music are the strong points of this restaurant of Boedo. In a corner of the city outside the usual gastronomic circuits, Boedo Antiguo faithfully interprets and transmits the neighborhood’s essence. Each decorative detail has been carefully studied and implemented taking into account the harmony of the whole arrangement. Bamboo curtains, starred ceiling, family pictures, drawings by exponents of Argentine popular culture, white curtains, bricked walls, and home tableware are some of the components of a really homey and cozy atmosphere. Dinner is brightened up by pleasant music pieces of different genres (tango, bolero, jazz, blues, bossa nova, folk music, popular music), played quietly enough to let customers dine comfortably. Every Friday and Saturday night is embellished by prestigious live music shows. The place is also designed as a space devoted to art through the exhibition of works of different artists.


Café San Juan

Address: Av. San Juan 450 – San Telmo

Leandro Cristóbal is the head chef that offers us a typical homemade Porteño cuisine repertoire, together with some fusion proposals. The place is simple, for 40 people, in a warm and familiar ambience, with the traditional noise of cantinas de barrio (neighborhood canteens). Tables are small and there is not much room between them. As it is a frequently chosen place, you should book in advance on weekends or come in early. The menu is always changing, though they usually keep dishes such as pink salmon or mussels. Casseroles and Spanish tortillas are highly recommended. Prices are pretty affordable. In addition, Café San Juan is, as its name suggests, a café that offers important breakfasts and afternoon snacks.

Bar Guevar

Address: Jorge Newbery 3902 – Chacarita

A unique space with wooded view, homemade food, nice atmosphere, friendly service and air conditioning to find quiet time during the day.
Open Mondays to Fridays from 9 AM to 7 PM. Saturdays from 9 AM to 4 PM.


Address: Pedro I. Rivera 3801 (y Naón) – Coghlan

It is a typical neighborhood restaurant, located in a picturesque corner one block from Coghlan railway station (the same that inspired the brilliant story by Mempo Giardinelli called the same way and many others that take place in that neighborhood, the writer’s favorite). The warm service and the quality of the pasta and meats will make you spend a great time.

El Obrero

Address: Agustín R. Caffarena 64 – La Boca

This restaurant is located on La Boca neighborhood and it constitutes perfect evidence of the fanaticism for football that governs this neighborhood as well as the simpleness of the people of this place and the warmth that the customers receive.
To begin with, the owners, two Spanish brothers, wander the place dressed as waiters and being at the service of customers. The walls are covered in “treasures” of the most popular sport,
Regarding the kitchen, there is a mixture of typical Spanish food, such as octopus and other seafood; Italian food, such as homemade pasta, and typical food of Buenos Aires, of which asado stands out above any other food; you can also enjoy some locro.
There are many sizes of portions, which invites you to go with children knowing that no food will be wasted.
This restaurant has been the location for many movies and it receives important characters, national as well as international.
It is among the very few recommendations in La Boca; therefore it is necessary to book in advance or to go early, otherwise you may not get a table.


Enfundá la mandolina

Address: Salguero 1440 – Palermo

The mixture of ideas of three friends in their thirties led this old big house that was slightly restyled with turquoise, orange and yellow walls to be a hit that makes them very proud.
They still keep the elements and symbols of yesterday, such as tango (now in mp3 format), the vinyl, etc. At the same time, the originality of each plate is unique and it is so amazing that it doesn’t even give the chance of expressing amazement since they take your breath away. The dishes constitute a sample of the local traditional ones; however, the novelty is the container in which the stew is served, the candy container that has lentils or the unique sauces that join the meals.
It is a large and warm space, where the service is a fundamental aggregate to make the visitors feel that they want to come back.
It opens from Monday to Saturday night, and Saturdays and Sundays at noon.

El Querandí Restaurante

Address: Perú. 302 – Monserrat

Having been built in 1920, it belongs to the city’s historic core. It constitutes one of the most intimate and romantic tango spots, offering shows of high international level every single night. During the day, it functions as a restaurant, with either a promotional executive menu or a la carte, in the warm space of its cellar, which, besides, offers a complete and tempting menu.



Address: Sarandí 1190 – San Cristóbal

This is an old store that functions as a bar, a restaurant and a café-concert. It displays a tango setting, and keeps the walls with the paint falling off. The menu is written on a piece of cardboard and the decoration stays through the years as an example of what is genuine and its charm. The cuisine is excellent, and it is possible to eat “like back then” the classic dishes of our cuisine, very well elaborated, in generous servings. The snails, innards and lentils stew, and prawns in piquillo peppers, among others, are a must. It always plays tango in the background; during the weekend, it offers live shows featuring the best interpreters of our music, like a bandoneón (big accordion) player.
The drinks, especially campari, are recommended.
This place owns a personality unlike any other.

La Viña del Abasto

Address: San Luis 3007 – Balvanera Once

This is a typically porteño and popular restaurant in the heart of Abasto. It is like the old “bolichón” (simple place), where that gigantic fans mark a very casual style and decoration. The specialty is the picada, local fast food, and chicken in its different presentations, typically local: garlic, Provenzal, Portuguese, and others. There are typical desserts, like home made pudding, bread pudding and “Vigilante” (a slice of cheese and one of quince or sweet potato jam).

La Copa de Oro de Carlitos

Address: Olleros 1667 – Palermo

It is a typical warm and noisy mom-and-pop restaurant in the area of Las Cañitas, in Palermo. It was born as a coffee shop almost a century ago, and it used to be the meeting point for race goers and employees of the Argentine Racecourse. The typical starter is “La Cimbotta”. The restaurant offers all kinds of Porteño and Spanish meals. A special feature of this place is that it offers pamplonas and suckling pig every day. The service is in the hands of experienced waiters, who know everything the costumer needs. Prices are affordable.