Niceto Club

Address: Niceto Vega 5510 – Palermo

Since it’s opening in July 1998, Niceto Club immediately became the musical referent in the area of Palermo.
Today Niceto Club is to be considered the only place in Buenos Aires where such a big diversity of styles, artists and audiences converge. Many local and international artists have performed in its stage and booth, whereas in the two dance floors it hosts many parties ranging from pop and rock to reggae, hip hop, electronica, tango, soul, funk and more…

Saint’s Bar

Address: Lavalle 4082 – Almagro

This bar offers a wide range of varied options. On the one hand, this bar offers excellent drinks, the Saint’s is the most recommended one, which is an exclusive drink of this bar.
It also has a dance floor, in which all kinds of music are played, and a pool table. It is open from Thursdays to Saturdays. There are live bands every night performing on its imposing stage that later invite the guests to dance to the rhythm of good music. There is a promotion of an only price for beer on draught and pizza, you can have as many pizzas as you want for no extra charge.
There is the possibility of relaxing in the garden, a pleasant place for an easy talk.
The special feature of Saint’s Bar is that it offers everyone who want to, to hang their works of art on the walls.
You can arrange events there that will include a final toast footed by the bar.


Address: Av. Francisco Beiró 2575 – Agronomía

It is a full option in Villa Devoto that offers dinner and shows to later invite the public to dance in its dance floor. Humour, karaoke, games, raffles, live shows and parties are some of the things you may see there, the lighting stands out as an effect tool joined by the good and varied music.
It opens of Fridays and Saturdays at 10.30pm for dinner.


Address: Perú 535 – San Telmo

This disco consists of a single big dance floor decorated with the best details that grant it color and grace. The music is varied and as the night goes on the music ranges from dance with a Latin touch and hip-hop.
On Wednesdays it gets overcrowded with people who come to this disco after leaving their offices in order to have fun and even though its dimensions are large, there is still the risk of not being able to enter if you arrive very late.
It has VIP sectors in three floors from which you can sit quietly for a drink or to have dinner or to just stand in order to watch the people in the dance floor.
It organizes different kinds of events such as top models fashion shows.
The hip-hop night is on Thursdays, when the public is very different and the clothes to wear are more informal.


Address: Vicente Lopez 2134 – Recoleta

Pagana is a modern discotheque that is located in the core of Recoleta, many enter because they feel attracted to the effects of its lights and its sophisticated ambience.
It opens on Friday and Saturday nights and it conforms an excellent option for those who want to go out early, and to include a dinner-show and not spending too much. Dinner starts at 10pm and it includes a sizable main dish, dessert and beverages. You can choose from a variety of options and you may also add for a small price an entrée or a toast with champagne. There will be a magic or a comic show, as chosen by the organizers. Finally, at midnight the DJ starts playing music that is hard not to dance.
This place is ideal for bachelor parties or birthdays.

Entrance to the disco
Entrance to the disco

Entrance to the disco
Entrance to the disco

Entrance to the disco
Entrance to the disco