Bar Le Caravelle

Address: Lavalle 726 – San Nicolás

This history-filled place is open all day. Due to its convenient location, it is usually full of tourists who want to have a quick meal or who come because of a recommendation of someone from Buenos Aires. However, it still has its regular customers who never give up on it because they state that their pizzetas are unique and that there is no flavor that could ever match theirs. They also serve delicious sandwiches and picadas that can be accompanied by a broad range of drinks, from the classic ones and from the other ones.
Must: espresso coffee, the Italian way.
The service is also highlighted, with a touch of informality and of warmth.

Bar de Cao

Address: Av. Independencia 2400 – San Cristóbal

“Los Hermanos Cao” opened their food store and retail alcoholic drinks shop in 1915. This is witnessed by a white and blue china plaque from those times; likewise, there is a wood and marble counter, tables and old fridges from back then, as well as the shelves crowded with bottles covered in dust behind the bar.
The spirit of the original business was kept despite the modifications it underwent when the café opened. Nowadays, it offers Spanish tapas, besides typical drinks and coffee.
This is a quiet place where habitués come in and feel time freezes, while they see the fast traffic along Independencia Avenue through the windows.

La Embajada

Address: Santiago del Estero 88 – Monserrat

It is located in one of the most significant urban zones in the city, among the Barolo path, the domes, and the historic buildings along Avenida de Mayo; it is among the most traditional bars in the city. In addition, it is also a shop, with a very tempting offer for those who fall for Spanish cold cuts, such as ham, Catalan blood-sausage and “Butifarras” (a kind of sausage made from pork). The recommended product is the ham sandwich.
It remains closed on Sundays.

La Perla

Address: Don Pedro de Mendoza 1899 – La Boca

Located in a strategic spot in La Boca, right where Caminito starts, this is an insurmountable resting place after the stroll. It is tinged with history. It was built around 1900 that housed a brothel on the ground floor.
The windows look out onto the Riachuelo and its shores, historically referred as where tango was born.
Their sizable breakfast is recommended here, or the “superpicadas” (many different things in them).
It opens seven days from 7am to 9 pm.

Bar La Perla
Bar La Perla

Bar La Perla
Bar La Perla

London City

Address: Av. de Mayo 599 – Monserrat

This café has a strategic location, and gets busy on weekdays during office hours. You can either choose to stop for an executive lunch, or for the breakfast or afternoon snack options. The typical is to take a break from work for a coffee.
It carries a myriad of stories with it, and it has a special role in our literature as one of the “stages” of the novel “Los Premios”, by Julio Cortazar.
It has been restored, even though it keeps details from the past, like the mirrors on the columns, the wood and the paintings, that reveal the past influence of the English customs and style.


El Gato Negro Bar Almacén

Address: Av. Corrientes 1669 – San Nicolás

A place to please senses, the smell of the most exotic spices overtaking and tempting guests to enjoy the great variety of special tea and coffee of unique flavors. Ideal for a pause of the hectic day or the interval before the play. It is also the city’s best spices shop, selling the most exclusive ones worldwide.
Solos and intimate jazz or tango shows are usually offered on the first floor.


Bar El Federal

Address: Carlos Calvo 395 / 399 – San Telmo

This bar is located in a traditional corner of San Telmo and it has been in business since 1864 so it is worthy of being among the “Bares Notables”, since the visitor finds himself automatically stepping back as if he were in the time tunnel.
The most impressive item upon entrance is the bar, crowned by a wood-and-stained-glass arch with an inactive clock in the middle. It preserves the original tile floor, and has decorative elements that stress, unlike a great many, the true “porteño” spirit: “filetes”, old tables, the wooden shelves crowded with a collection of bottles, the register from yesteryear, and many other signs that situate us back in time.
The place is not only traditional but the menu agrees perfectly with its appearance: Fernet, Gancia, or craft beer; a sandwich, sirloin steak or a “picada”, so unique to this city are among the options when resting or reading a book from the small library the bar has. Likewise, it offers more elaborate meals, like pasta, steak or local fast food.
This place is quiet and ideal for whiling time away, for a retreat from the hectic activity out the door. During the weekend at midday, there are tango singers that go around the tables, getting people to rehearse some steps as long as they agree.
On Fridays and Saturday nights, it turns into a dance-pub, and youngsters fill it up thus recovering a place that belongs to the history of the city.
Reservations are required.


Bar Plaza Dorrego

Address: Defensa 1096 / 98 – San Telmo

This place carries a great background, having been chosen as the meeting point by the youngsters who, under the military administrations, shared the dream of freedom. It is said the great writers Ernesto Sábato and Jorge Luis Borges would gather here in earlier times.
It is always crowded on Sundays during the San Telmo fair; therefore, finding a spot implies patience. In the center of the room there is an old register on the counter, which invites you to stand at the bar and have a beer. Its signature is the floors covered in peanut shells, as they are always at hand for guests to have with their drinks.


Café El Banderín

Address: Guardia Vieja 3601 – Almagro

This is one of those historic bars that attract young customers and tourists; this is, beyond doubt, due to the 450 pennants crowding it. In the old times, the customer belonged to the surroundings, and came for a morning glass, and after-lunch coffee, and an evening card game, as there was no TV.
In 1923, “El Asturiano” food store opened in this place. In 1962, when the first market in the neighbourhood opened, the store closed down, and the bar went on in business.
All the items date back from the ‘20s but the tin counter, which was changed in 1962.
It serves picadas, sandwiches, coffee, fine wines, beer and vermut, among others.

El Coleccionista

Address: Av. Rivadavia 4929 – Caballito

It is located in front of the Parque Rivadavia Fair, and is the meeting point for different groups of collectors, tango ones certainly always there. Every weekend they gather here in order to snoop through the novelties, and sketch out new searches of unique objects. Patience is needed to find a table on such days either for breakfast (stretching until midday) or at teatime. Likewise, it is a meeting point for Caballito residents, who usually stop for some simple and fast lunch, prepared like “at home”.