Address: Vuelta de Obligado 2072 – Belgrano

Capisci is a large restaurant with a privileged location: it is in the Recova of the neighborhood of Belgrano, next to the Cathedral, in front of the square where there is a handicraft market on weekends. The old restored brick building creates a unique atmosphere, particularly in the recova (arcade) area, with cobblestone paved floors. Food is varied. The options available range from pizza to pasta, meat, and fish dishes.

Parrillón de Juan Lacaze

Address: Salta 490 – Monserrat

Located on the corner of Salta and Venezuela Streets, where “Vinería de Monserrat” used to be, the Parrillón de Juan Lacaze decks out as a bodegón (unsophisticated traditional restaurant). With its old recycled furniture, hanging iron lamps, decorative barrels and colorful large bottles, the ambience has a historical atmosphere rather than a rustic one. Even though the specialty of the place is parrilla (barbecue), Head Chef Blanca Corrales does an excellent job and both homemade pasta and pamplonas and chotos are really tasty (typical Uruguayan parrilla dishes, whose main ingredients are chicken or loin fillet rolled and filled with cheese, tomato, pepper and other ingredients).

Dale perejil al toro

Address: Estado de Israel 4483 – Villa Crespo

A non-traditional small parrilla porteña. A warm ambience with lots of natural light and colors, and a smoker-friendly yard with bindweed. The classical Argentine parrilla is combined with the offer of meat cuts and achuras (offals) of wild animals – caiman, deer, wild boar, animelles and lamb kidneys, all grilled. The menu also offers really good starters, homemade pasta, typical and not-so-typical side dishes, grilled vegetables, dishes from Porteño cuisine, and homemade desserts. The wine menu is comprehensive and varied.


Boedo Antiguo

Address: José Mármol 1692 – Boedo

Good food and live music are the strong points of this restaurant of Boedo. In a corner of the city outside the usual gastronomic circuits, Boedo Antiguo faithfully interprets and transmits the neighborhood’s essence. Each decorative detail has been carefully studied and implemented taking into account the harmony of the whole arrangement. Bamboo curtains, starred ceiling, family pictures, drawings by exponents of Argentine popular culture, white curtains, bricked walls, and home tableware are some of the components of a really homey and cozy atmosphere. Dinner is brightened up by pleasant music pieces of different genres (tango, bolero, jazz, blues, bossa nova, folk music, popular music), played quietly enough to let customers dine comfortably. Every Friday and Saturday night is embellished by prestigious live music shows. The place is also designed as a space devoted to art through the exhibition of works of different artists.


Salgado Alimentos

Address: Juan Ramírez de Velasco 401 – Villa Crespo

A former pasta factory in the neighborhood of Villa Crespo that has been turned into a simple but respectable restaurant. Like many other old buildings in the area, it has been adapted to the “Palermo Viejo” trend, grasping the bohemian style of this neighborhood. The place is nice, with the warmth typical of a neighborhood, though with few tables due to its original use. Probably the best pasta in Buenos Aires, and for really inexpensive prices. They offer a wide range of prime quality Italian starters, and desserts are also highly recommended.


Address: Bonpland 1670 – Palermo

This restaurant lets us delight ourselves in the best river fish, as if we were on the shores of the Paraná River, but at an arm’s length, in the very heart of Palermo Hollywood. The proposal is not magnificent; it is far from the area’s fashion trends and focuses on quality products. Both its name -Jangada (which means “log raft”)- and its decoration express its bond to the river’s essence. Grilled pacú, surubí, and dorado are the preferred dishes.

Cantinas de La Boca

Address: Necochea s/n – La Boca

Necochea street was the area of the most famous Italian cantinas which was often visited by many important characters of the time: artists, musicians, politicians, sportsmen who stayed until the break of day listening to music and dancing and it was also where the most typical dishes of Italian cuisine were cooked.
Nowadays it is very deteriorated, and there are only a few cantinas as a witness of the glory days. Even though they still serve good Italian food, it is a dangerous street to walk; therefore, it is advisable for the tourists who still want to get to know it to take all the necessary security measures.


El Obrero

Address: Agustín R. Caffarena 64 – La Boca

This restaurant is located on La Boca neighborhood and it constitutes perfect evidence of the fanaticism for football that governs this neighborhood as well as the simpleness of the people of this place and the warmth that the customers receive.
To begin with, the owners, two Spanish brothers, wander the place dressed as waiters and being at the service of customers. The walls are covered in “treasures” of the most popular sport,
Regarding the kitchen, there is a mixture of typical Spanish food, such as octopus and other seafood; Italian food, such as homemade pasta, and typical food of Buenos Aires, of which asado stands out above any other food; you can also enjoy some locro.
There are many sizes of portions, which invites you to go with children knowing that no food will be wasted.
This restaurant has been the location for many movies and it receives important characters, national as well as international.
It is among the very few recommendations in La Boca; therefore it is necessary to book in advance or to go early, otherwise you may not get a table.


La Parolaccia

Address: Libertador 5836 – Palermo

This restaurant opens at noon and during the night and it remains open after midnight for the typical late dinners. On the one hand we can find the branches that are specialized on pasta and that serve elaborate dishes with a very varied menu. On the other hand, “La Parolaccia del Mare” offers the best dishes of fish and seafood, without neglecting the pasta, which is its speciality by far.
The premises are decorated for the client to be comfortable. Good taste governs the decoration and the immaculate white of the tablecloths and the waiter’s uniforms. The waiters are highly trained so as to satisfy all the demands of the customers and to answer to every question and to satisfy the requests for opinion. There are machines that keep wines at the right temperature and that allow for the sale of wine by glass; with a menu that hosts a broad variety.
The presentation of the dishes is spotless and the quality of the products can be noticed in each bite. Regarding the recommendations, the pastas they make are on the first place, although you can also choose the dry Italian pasta. For dessert, tiramisu is highly advisable.
The relation of price and quality and service stands out.


Address: Pasaje Bollini 2133 – Recoleta

This is a small place with a warm family ambience. The specialty is barbecue due to the quality of the meat and the expertise of the cook. Service is good as well as the prices. The regular customers are people from the neighborhood.