I Fresh Market

Address: Bvd. Azucena Villaflor esq. Olga Cossentinni – Puerto Madero

This restaurant will allow you to enjoy the pleasures of gourmet cuisine with a Mediterranean touch. The restaurant offers a great variety of light and modern dishes, under the concept of fusion cuisine. This place has also a wine bar, a pâtisserie and a store to buy artisanal products such as prime quality cold cuts and cheese.

Le Mistral

Address: Posadas 1086/88 – Retiro

This restaurant is located in the right hand of the Four Seasons Hotel. It is as exclusive as the hotel that hosts it. The decoration is inspired in the 50’s, a glamorous and luxurious era and it also has Argentinian style: black and white marble floors, walls covered in ivory colored leather, round light colored lamps made of resin sheets that contrast with red and the high design chairs. Everything makes up the global perception of elegance and good taste. The cuisine deserves a special mention. The dishes stand out not only for their taste and their special preparation but they also stand out for their decoration and the way in which they are presented. The dishes become true sculptures in crockery of different shapes and the influences from various are clearly evidenced: Spain, Italy, France, Greece and the Northern part of Africa. As in every international hotel in Argentina the traditional dishes cannot be forgotten: grilled meats, bife de chorizo, chimichurri and mashed potatoes. It opens at noon and for dinner time.