Maki Japanese Resto

Address: Juan Bautista Alberdi 116 – Caballito

A restaurant with the best traditional Japanese food within an intimate and comfortable environment. The bar is a highly recommendable alternative, but if you are looking for more comfort and relax, the armchairs in the first room are the best choice. It is located in Caballito, where a booming gastronomic area is gradually developing, in the geographical center of the city of Buenos Aires. Fresh sushi and customized service provide what was missing for a perfect combination.


Address: Av. Independencia 732 – San Telmo

It is one of the oldest Japanese food restaurants in the country. It functions in the Japanese Association building. The dishes they prepare are neat classics of Japanese cuisine; there is no fusion or influences from other kinds of cuisine. Typical dishes, prepared in the house, are: natto, gyoza, curry, takuan and oden, among others.


Address: Mendoza 1650 – Belgrano

Located in the Chinese neighborhood in Belgrano, it presents a new concept of Japanese restaurants. Far from being classical, it takes risks with a modern and dynamic style. The specialty could not be other than sushi, though gyoza (grilled pig and vegetable dumplings) and yakimeshi (sautéed rice with egg and vegetables) are also recommended.


Address: Chile 518 – San Telmo

With a juvenile and modern decoration, like dynamic music and videos projected on a screen, this Japanese restaurant in San Telmo does not disregard any detail of its culture. Sushi is really good, and the cocktail menu does not fall behind. Service is good.

Sushi Club (Las Cañitas)

Address: Ortega y Gasset 1218 – Palermo

It has become a classic for sushi lovers, among the best in the genre. It offers a varied and attractive menu of makis, rolls, niguiris and sashimi, both typical and original combinations of excellent elaboration and high quality ingredients.
The offer is either buffet style or á la carte. For the first option, all the customers at the table have to agree on a certain choice from the offer the delicacies, (among them all sushi creations, and seafood like oysters, lobster and others), thus being able to take as much as they like.
Apart from sushi, there are appetizers, hot options and typical Japanese desserts. The wine menu includes varietals of the best brands, good champagne, sake and Japanese beer.
Delivery service is available to the whole city; therefore, ordering early is highly recommended as, apart from being prepared upon placement, the business is located in Puerto Madero.


Address: Gurruchaga 1650 – Palermo

A very convenient option in the heart of Palermo Viejo. Inside, calm prevails. The walls are decorated with kimonos and other objects from Japan. The waitresses wear geisha makeup and typical Japanese garments. The sushi is among the best served in Buenos Aires.


Address: México 1965 – Balvanera Once

If you are looking for a really traditional Japanese food restaurant, you can consider yourself lucky! In the neighborhood of Belgrano, Kitayama will welcome you with open doors and offer a wide range of Japanese meals for your delight. Good decoration and service.

Jardín Japonés Restaurante

Address: Av. Casares 2966 – Palermo

In this restaurant you can taste the best Japanese food while you enjoy the beautiful views of the garden with its bridges, lakes and flowers. Eating sushi in this place will transport you to Japan without leaving the picturesque Palermo neighborhood. It’s decoration has occidental as well as oriental style tables that are short and have pillows instead of chairs that invite you to take your shoes off. The prices are reasonable and the ambience is pleasant.

Morizono Retiro

Address: Reconquista 899 – Retiro

This was the first Japanese restaurant in the city, which strongly attracted the fans and those fond of sushi and other specialties from that country. It displays a minimalist style and offers great service; it specializes in sushi, yakemishes and tempuras, which you may choose to complement with a Japanese beer, sake or wine from the wide menu.


Address: Fitz Roy 1613 – Palermo

Probably the best place regarding Japanese food in Buenos Aires. It is simple and modern, and takes up a significant corner in Palermo Hollywood, imposing its presence and prestige. It presents a section of tables and another with armchairs thought for groups of friends in pursue of sharing the experience. Due to its variety and supremacy, the sushi menu is among the best, an interesting variety of sashimi stands out. The menu changes according to the seafood season. It also offers a good menu of Japanese cuisine of superb elaboration. Everything is served on pretty crockery that aims at sharing with the companions at table.