Montana Bistro

Address: Río de Janeiro 78 – Caballito

An interesting proposal in a neighborhood different from the most fashionable restaurant areas of the city such as Palermo SOHO, Las Cañitas and Puerto Madero. With an exceptional gourmet cuisine and a varied wine cellar, in the comfort of a relaxed and intimate environment, Montana stands on its own and is one of the neighborhood’s references when it comes to going out to dine. In the menu, which indicates the waiting times for each dish, its highlights are rolls of phyllo dough filled with shrimp, risotto with scallops and prawns, and loin steaks with Liverwurst and crispy bacon.

Salgado Alimentos

Address: Juan Ramírez de Velasco 401 – Villa Crespo

A former pasta factory in the neighborhood of Villa Crespo that has been turned into a simple but respectable restaurant. Like many other old buildings in the area, it has been adapted to the “Palermo Viejo” trend, grasping the bohemian style of this neighborhood. The place is nice, with the warmth typical of a neighborhood, though with few tables due to its original use. Probably the best pasta in Buenos Aires, and for really inexpensive prices. They offer a wide range of prime quality Italian starters, and desserts are also highly recommended.

Tipo Casa

Address: Bulnes 843 Timbre C – Almagro

A real find. This is the definition that best suits this place hidden in an old house in Almagro. The rule to begin experiencing this original proposal is to ring the bell. After a long hall, an invasion of perfumes and colors announce the arrival. The kitchen, open. Then we need to chose among some of the few tables distributed in three rooms: the living room, the dining room and the patio (yard). The dishes, prepared by the owners of the restaurant, change every two months. A different and very porteño proposition. It is recommended to book a table in advance.

Desde el alma

Address: Honduras 5298 – Palermo

This modern place is one of those few restaurants that make the guest feel at home. This is because of many factors, such as the small room (50 mts), the comfort of its armchairs and its low tables and the music criteria, which is at a perfect volume level.
It was inaugurated in 2001, which was a critical time for the country; however, it overcame the difficult times and it imposed as an option for a romantic dinner or an easy place to go out with friends.
The menu is limited, but the quality is high. The Patagonian lamb cooked over ember, grilled meat and other dishes of a very original combination.
This restaurant opens from Mondays to Saturday nights.

Casa Roca

Address: San Martín 579 – San Nicolás

Today turned into a luxurious and exclusive restaurant difficult to be discovered by a distracted passer-by (since no poster announces its gastronomical activity), it is a historical house that belonged to the daughters of former president Julio Argentino Roca.
It maintains the style and charm belonging to the family who inhabited it, and offers an exquisite and well-taken care of signature cuisine capable of setting out to make the guest feel right at home, enjoying a homemade meal. However, the supply of delights ranges from appetizers of false lobster to lamb ragout as a main course, or parfait of mint for dessert, among other tempting dishes of the same level. The setting makes us feel in the house of one of the great Argentinean families who built history a century ago. Every detail, from the table linen to the set of dishes, to the historical objects exhibition space, makes it a unique place to be visited. This house was inaugurated in 1908, and the former president Julio Roca used to live in the construction on the side. History recounts that the house was officially inaugurated for the celebration of the marriage of one of his daughters. It is there where he lived, as the book “Soy Roca” (I am Roca), by Félix Luna, recounts in great detail.


Tomo I

Address: Carlos Pellegrini 521 – San Nicolás

Do not be mistaken, Tomo I is upstairs from the restaurant that can be seen from the street. It has direct access by a glass elevator or through Hotel Panamericano. It is considered the best restaurant in the city. Sisters Ada and Hebe Concaro are the chefs. And, according to them, the menu is a collection of their “favorite things”.


Address: Callao 966 – Recoleta

The ideal combination: good music, delicious dishes and great drinks. This restaurant, bar and record store, also provides the possibility of enjoying a gorgeous garden in the very city.

Embrujo (Pto.Madero)

Address: Alicia Moreau de Justo 176 – Puerto Madero

This is the first theme bar and restaurant devoted to magic in Latin America. The place itself is a play set that perfectly combines gastronomy, drinks and art and illusionism. The “spell” is in charge of magicians that perform on a daily basis. Everything, including the dishes, the wonder, the colors, the decoration and the staff that blends with the audience, is intended for fun and experiencing a universe of magic.

La Despensa

Address: Av. Quintana 210 – Recoleta

This restaurant of Recoleta thoroughly expresses the Bistró concept. Its professionalism, cuisine level, an evident dedication to each course and to each decoration detail, a wine selection and soft background music are some of this establishment’s highlights, which focuses on a more customized service. The Bistró opens early and closes late at night. It offers gourmet courses and simpler meals, thus catering to all types of customers, who are seen as guests rather than customers.


Address: Lerma 525 – Villa Crespo

An old house in Villa Crespo, which was once the home and workshop of sculptor Martín Vergara, is the place where this excellent restaurant has been set up. As its slogan says it, here you’ll find “signature cuisine with a French inspiration.” Its atmosphere is nice and quiet, its attention is perfect, very individualized, and its food is very tasty and prepared with exquisite care. Everything about it is recommendable, but its tasting menu is perfect for indecisive ones. And don’t you miss the Chocolate Volcano for dessert!
Remember to book in advance.