Costa Maroc

Address: Costa Salguero s/n – Costanera Norte

Costa Maroc is a different place within the Costa Salguero complex. It is a mega-space that hosts 3500 people, with a restaurant of international cuisine, four dance floors to dance to the rhythm of the music you like the most and to vary the tendency during the night. There are also twelve bars that have a very appealing menu of drinks. It also has a terrace area that is very nice to be in during summer.

Western Disco

Address: Av. Figueroa Alcorta 7536 – Nuñez

This exclusive place (for people of 25 years old on) gives us the idea of where the idea of the theme decoration came from as soon as you arrive to its entrance.
It opened in 1986 as a result of the imagination of a group of friends who wanted something different in the city. In order to make their dream come true, they made a trip to the United States of America and they did a research on the museums that informed them on the far west. Based on said information and the pictures that they took, they built this theme restaurant with show and disco. It is filled with replicas of the buildings that were in the states inhabited by cowboys in 1860.
The musical orientation is based on local and international classics that were hits in the past decades. The “saloon” is surrounded by boxes that grant privacy.
Dinner, that consists of quality international cuisine and that has reasonable prices, starts at 11pm and the disco opens at 1am on Fridays, Saturdays and holiday’s eves. The shows are musicals, comedies, or magic.


Address: Gascón 1040 – Almagro

This is the city’s biggest gay nightclub, popularly deemed a must for visitors. The public that converges here is an attraction in itself, due to its diversity, you will become part of this extremely bizarre experience as well. However, the common premise is having fun. Everything is available to everyone, and the club is intended to let oneself go by the proposals: three dance floors that play techno music (the main one), Latin hits, and the ‘80s classics.

Dance show
Dance show

Dance show
Lser show at the disco

Club 74

Address: Av. Figueroa Alcorta 7474 – Nuñez

This disco was named after the numbering in which it is located on Alcorta Ave. It was inaugurated in 1958 with another name and then changed it during the 70’s to the current name. It is the one with colorful floors, “Saturday Night Fever” style.
Disco, funk and soul music, apart from the arrival of the “retro” trend, were the basis that allowed for Club 74 to be kept alive until today.
The round walls without angles, the lights, the disco balls, the vinyl records that were listened by other generations, the big armchairs and other items from those times also stand out.
There is a very private place in the back of the disco with comfortable cushions; and there is a second floor with a bar.
It opens on Fridays at 1am.

Asia de Cuba

Address: O. Cossentini. 751 – Puerto Madero

On the select Eastern Puerto Madero, with a view out to the Woman’s Bridge and the docks of the restaurants on the opposite side of Puerto Madero, this is a multistage that offers options that range form an executive lunch or a romantic dinner, to an all-night-long dance. The style consists of a fusion of Latin and Eastern elements, offering different spaces, with sofas for groups, or tables for couples that offer the possibility of enjoying an intimate event, or a large number of tables outside as well, which allow for the outdoor enjoyment of this unique zone. It is among the fashion places of the moment, frequented by famous show-business figures.
The menu offers Eastern specialties that range from assorted sushi, salmon or seafood with a Latin touch, to Mexican inspired dishes or porteño productions using Eastern seasoning. The outcome is really satisfying for those in search of new flavours. Also, the variety of exotic drinks is highly recommended.
Area of the disco with tables and sofas
Area of the disco with tables and sofas


Address: Perú 535 – San Telmo

This disco consists of a single big dance floor decorated with the best details that grant it color and grace. The music is varied and as the night goes on the music ranges from dance with a Latin touch and hip-hop.
On Wednesdays it gets overcrowded with people who come to this disco after leaving their offices in order to have fun and even though its dimensions are large, there is still the risk of not being able to enter if you arrive very late.
It has VIP sectors in three floors from which you can sit quietly for a drink or to have dinner or to just stand in order to watch the people in the dance floor.
It organizes different kinds of events such as top models fashion shows.
The hip-hop night is on Thursdays, when the public is very different and the clothes to wear are more informal.