Bar O Bar

Address: Tres Sargentos 415 – Retiro

This pub was founded in 1969 by the artist Luis Felipe Noé, it is considered the first pub in the city. It never ceased to be a symbol of the avant-garde generation, and an emblem to the ’70s intellectuals, even though it was moved once from its original site at 874 Reconquista St. It was always famous, and the place chosen by writers, visual artists, musicians and philosophers of all times.
It offers a tempting menu, out of which the picada, black beer, and porteño dishes are recommended. The bar is remarkable for the big barrels full of peanuts in shell, permanently available to all guests; the shells are dropped, thus “carpeting” the floor, and giving the place a peculiar color that remains through time.

Downtown Matías

Address: San Martín 979 – Retiro

It is one of the Celt style bars with most attendance due to its location in the downside and the ambience created between the music and the decoration, with the popular barrel beer and peanuts.
Besides, it has a hundred whiskey varieties.
It is open almost all day long, the whole week and it closes late, specially on weekends since there are live jazz, blues, rock and Celt music bands.
It offers a menu of international cuisine, in which chicken with champignon and “Carré de ciruela” (meat with plums) stand out. It attracts executives who may choose the noon economic menu or who choose it as an option for a quiet after-office, to play darts and to take the best of the happy hour to taste the six varieties of barrel beer, or the best bottled ones.

Exterior of the pub
Exterior of the pub

Exterior of the pub
The bar filled woth bottles

Exterior of the pub
Big quantity of bottles decorate the bar

Exterior of the pub
Decoration of the pub

Exterior of the pub
Set of darts

Exterior of the pub
Goblin of the bar

Exterior of the pub
External view of the bar

The Kilkenny

Address: Reconquista 1000 – Retiro

This Irish bar located in the corner of Alvear and Reconquista streets is very popular among the people who go out after their office time as well as among tourists and people who want to have a beer any day of the week and to listen to Celt music and rock. The happy hour is very convenient, it takes place between 7pm and 9pm. apart from drinks, you can order a quick and not very elaborated dish.
You can sit around the circular counter or you can choose one of the tables that have a certain degree of intimacy because of the isolation they provide in the shape of “boxes”. The Kilkennt style gives the feeling of being in a kind of prehistoric cavern.
Every March, 17th, on the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, the Kilkenny turns into a party place and it conforms an irresistible tourist attraction since it is in the very core of the festival. There are live bands every night and it is open until 6am.

The Shamrock

Address: Rodríguez Peña 1220 – Recoleta

Maybe because it was the first bar of an Irish style that opened in the city, this is a place that is always busy no matter the day of the week, even on Mondays. It opened in 1995 and since it became a success, many other bars opened after it but none of them could ever over throne it.
It opens at 6pm with a happy hour that ends at 9pm on weekdays and at 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays.
The music is typical of the bars of this kind just like the most ordered drinks and the different kinds of beer.
Here Argentinians feel comfortable among foreigners that enjoy the environment of their place of origin and the bartenders speak English. The basement becomes a small dance floor during weekends.
Bar of The Shamrock
Bar of The Shamrock

Down Town Matias

Address: Echeverría 3195 – Belgrano

This is a picturesque Irish pub adjacent to the railroads, a few meters away from Belgrano R. Station. Having a cup of coffee at an outside table and listening to the train whistling and the sound of the locomotive is a one-of-a-kind experience. Obviously, all kinds of beers and drinks cannot be absent at an Irish pub. Downtown Matías offers over 100 types of whisky, just to mention a few. As if this were not enough, it is also a restaurant, with capacity for 100 people. Salads are among the best. It is the ideal place for getting together with friends or co-workers during “after-office” hours. Happy hour is from 6 pm to 11 pm. It usually offers live music shows.

Salí de la corniza

Address: Av. Directorio 843 – Caballito

This restaurant and bar, located in the border between the neighborhoods of Caballito and Parque Chacabuco, is unmistakable: a Ford Falcon embedded in the marquee makes it unique. Inside, the bar offers a lively, trendy ambience, oriented to young people. Electronic music sounds almost without interruption. A large screen showing music videos and special programs on DVD is one of the attractions of the place. You can also play darts and practice your aim. Dishes mostly consist in fast food: pizzas, hamburgers, platters and sandwiches. Its specialty is a la Corniza potatoes. For dessert: super chocolate brownies with ice-cream and chocolate sauce. It is the ideal place for meeting with friends before going to the nightclub.


Address: Estados Unidos 523 – San Telmo

The name of this bar means ‘attention’ in German. And its outstanding service does indeed attract everybody’s attention. The pub is ideal to have a few drinks or draught beer with some friends, in a place very well decorated in ocher and orange tones, with chill out music on the background. An old clock, the long, old wooden bar, iron barstools, and the shelving full of bottles of countlessly different liquor labels are virtually decorative heirlooms. In addition, Achtung periodically offers contemporary art exhibitions. Happy hour is from 6.30 pm to 11 pm.


Address: Santa Fe 1898 – Recoleta

It is a classic of Santa Fe Avenue. A good place to enjoy pizza and beer. The ambience is standard, but it is a place to look and to be looked at.

El Taller

Address: Serrano 1595 – Palermo

El Taller is a bar located across from the lively Plaza Cortázar (also known as Plaza Serrano), the heart of Palermo Hollywood’s night scene. It is known for the artistic events that take place there. Theater plays, music shows and paintings and photo exhibits renewed every two weeks are part of its cultural appeal.

Tazz Salguero

Address: Rafael Obligado y Salguero s/n – Palermo

Besides the classic Plaza Serrano bar, another two new bars have been opened in Costa Salguero and Palermo SOHO, both of which maintain their predecessor’s essence. Among entertainment options, the three bars offer pool tables and foosball, but the Costa Salguero bar also incorporates bowling greens. Long bars to order drinks, modern furniture, and good international music are the shared features.