Bar 36 Billares

Address: Av de Mayo 1265 / 71 – Monserrat

This is one of the “Bares Notables” (literally “remarkable bars”, were considered so by law because of their close relation to the local culture), named in allusion to the porteño tradition of playing billiards. It offers some rooms on the ground floor, “half-hidden” behind the wooden screen that separates the coffee room from the billiard tables.
Its inauguration took place in 1894, and still keeps the original features on the façade, such as the red granite an the three streetlamps illuminating the entrance. Its interior displays tables typical of old porteño cafés, red granite floors, and a boisserie with large grape bunches engraved on it. The entrance to the basement is indicated by a sign that says “3 bandas, libre, cuadro, cassin, snooker” (ways of playing billiards), giving access to another billiards section. The whole place is thought out to protect the privacy of the players by clearly dividing the bar from the playing room. The crash of the balls, the smell of coffee and the mystery disclose countless characters that constitute the living history of Buenos Aires.
There are performances of popular musicians (especially tango ones) from time to time.
Regarding the regular consumption, coffee is typical in the morning, and picadas and a good beer are strongly recommended for the afternoon and evening, especially in warm seasons.


Los 36 Billares


American Bar

Address: Av Roque Saenz Peña 632 – San Nicolás

Since its inauguration in 1930, it still keeps its original charm and decorative style. The impressive entrance wooden door, with bronze details and golden engraved glass, is the first of many details, such as the wooden bar, with a black granite top, and, also displaying bronze, the charming boisserie, the oils that register remembrances and pictures of Buenos Aires, and the three chandeliers with enormous crystal balls.
With these relics that keep the charm and glamour, this is one of those places that take us back to the typical porteño bar of those times of glory.
The wall holds a diploma through which this bar boasts about its importance in terms of the city’s history.

Bar del Hotel Alvear

Address: Av Alvear 1891 – Recoleta

It constitutes the lobby of the Alvear five-star hotel, one of the most distinguished places in the city, located in the core of Recoleta. Stunningly beautiful, it was built following the French style of the 18th century revealed in the Ritz Hotels.
The Sunday brunches are considered to be the best in the city. The round marble tables stand out in this sumptuous frame once visited by many different world known characters, from the Prince of Wales to Arthur Miller, from Joan Manuel Serrat to Kenzo, from the Spanish Royal Family to Sharon Stone, among many others.


Bar El Estaño 1880

Address: Aristóbulo del Valle 1100 – La Boca

A couple of Spanish immigrants opened it in 1939 , receiving the current name in 1976, when their son took charge. It recalls the building’s age on the one side, and the 3,5m tin counter, which is said to be unique in Buenos Aires in such size.
The decoration in highly original, with a carved wooden coating on the walls and a giant mural standing out together with the shelves in the part where the store used to be. There are also antique objects such as the fridges or a German cold cuts slicer, which are preserved in the best shape possible through restoration.
For these features, it has been the stage for many films.
It organizes the literary “mate cocido” for the children that attend school in the surroundings, so that they learn the true story and escape the visual invasion of today’s consumption trend.
This mission makes it a refuge for artists and bohemians of La Boca and of other places where there is no place like this one.