El Obrero

Address: Agustín R. Caffarena 64 – La Boca

This restaurant is located on La Boca neighborhood and it constitutes perfect evidence of the fanaticism for football that governs this neighborhood as well as the simpleness of the people of this place and the warmth that the customers receive.
To begin with, the owners, two Spanish brothers, wander the place dressed as waiters and being at the service of customers. The walls are covered in “treasures” of the most popular sport,
Regarding the kitchen, there is a mixture of typical Spanish food, such as octopus and other seafood; Italian food, such as homemade pasta, and typical food of Buenos Aires, of which asado stands out above any other food; you can also enjoy some locro.
There are many sizes of portions, which invites you to go with children knowing that no food will be wasted.
This restaurant has been the location for many movies and it receives important characters, national as well as international.
It is among the very few recommendations in La Boca; therefore it is necessary to book in advance or to go early, otherwise you may not get a table.


Complejo Tango

Address: Av. Belgrano 2608 – Balvanera Once

It is a tango theme restaurant with special features. It is located in an old building that has been restored and adapted in order to make you feel as if you were in one of the typical houses of tango players from the beginning of the XXth century.
The restaurant offers the most traditional dishes of Argentinian cuisine as well as various options of international cuisine. The tango show, that reaches its best part during dinner time, includes a live orchestra and a choir of singers and dancers that go through tango’s history. The complex also includes a tango school that never closes; it has large and comfortable rooms with mirrors and a special wooden floor. Individual and group classes are available.

Enfundá la mandolina

Address: Salguero 1440 – Palermo

The mixture of ideas of three friends in their thirties led this old big house that was slightly restyled with turquoise, orange and yellow walls to be a hit that makes them very proud.
They still keep the elements and symbols of yesterday, such as tango (now in mp3 format), the vinyl, etc. At the same time, the originality of each plate is unique and it is so amazing that it doesn’t even give the chance of expressing amazement since they take your breath away. The dishes constitute a sample of the local traditional ones; however, the novelty is the container in which the stew is served, the candy container that has lentils or the unique sauces that join the meals.
It is a large and warm space, where the service is a fundamental aggregate to make the visitors feel that they want to come back.
It opens from Monday to Saturday night, and Saturdays and Sundays at noon.

Divina Patagonia

Address: Honduras 5710 – Palermo

This restaurant has been created by people from Patagonia in a warm restaurant in Palermo that is a corner in the far south in an old neighborhood house. The decoration is inspired on the flora of Patagonia with many different autochthonous flowers such as amancay and lupín. Each of said flowers has a religious meaning for the aborigines. The raw materials are specially brought from Patagonia in order to prepare the dishes as the Divina Patagonia salad, with deer in spiced oil, herbs, cheese, toasted almonds, dried tomatoes and Andean vinegar. There is also wild boar sirloin with mango, Patagonian lamb with forest mushrooms and fresh trout grilled with toasted almonds. There are also desserts prepared with fine ingredients such as raspberries from El Bolsón or rosa mosqueta from Bariloche.
It also has a small shop where you can buy regional high-quality products.


Address: Av. Costanera y La Pampa s/n – Costanera Norte

This is a classic grill on Costanera Avenue, with a modern touch, which has remained important through time. Due to the privileged view of the Rio de la Plata it offers, especially from the terrace, it is a spot to enjoy a meal far from the city noise. It offers a lunch menu consisting of appetizer, main course, dessert and wine at a very reasonable price. We recommend pork tenderloin, and the exquisite grilled specialties.


Address: Rodríguez Peña 1149 – Recoleta

This restaurant is simple, but it is excellent in terms of Argentine regional dishes. Rice and mushrooms and brick-oven pizza are recommended. The correspondence between price and quality is highly remarkable.