Dale perejil al toro

Address: Estado de Israel 4483 – Villa Crespo

A non-traditional small parrilla porteña. A warm ambience with lots of natural light and colors, and a smoker-friendly yard with bindweed. The classical Argentine parrilla is combined with the offer of meat cuts and achuras (offals) of wild animals – caiman, deer, wild boar, animelles and lamb kidneys, all grilled. The menu also offers really good starters, homemade pasta, typical and not-so-typical side dishes, grilled vegetables, dishes from Porteño cuisine, and homemade desserts. The wine menu is comprehensive and varied.


Boedo Antiguo

Address: José Mármol 1692 – Boedo

Good food and live music are the strong points of this restaurant of Boedo. In a corner of the city outside the usual gastronomic circuits, Boedo Antiguo faithfully interprets and transmits the neighborhood’s essence. Each decorative detail has been carefully studied and implemented taking into account the harmony of the whole arrangement. Bamboo curtains, starred ceiling, family pictures, drawings by exponents of Argentine popular culture, white curtains, bricked walls, and home tableware are some of the components of a really homey and cozy atmosphere. Dinner is brightened up by pleasant music pieces of different genres (tango, bolero, jazz, blues, bossa nova, folk music, popular music), played quietly enough to let customers dine comfortably. Every Friday and Saturday night is embellished by prestigious live music shows. The place is also designed as a space devoted to art through the exhibition of works of different artists.


Café San Juan

Address: Av. San Juan 450 – San Telmo

Leandro Cristóbal is the head chef that offers us a typical homemade Porteño cuisine repertoire, together with some fusion proposals. The place is simple, for 40 people, in a warm and familiar ambience, with the traditional noise of cantinas de barrio (neighborhood canteens). Tables are small and there is not much room between them. As it is a frequently chosen place, you should book in advance on weekends or come in early. The menu is always changing, though they usually keep dishes such as pink salmon or mussels. Casseroles and Spanish tortillas are highly recommended. Prices are pretty affordable. In addition, Café San Juan is, as its name suggests, a café that offers important breakfasts and afternoon snacks.

La Cholita

Address: Rodríguez Peña 1165 – Recoleta

In Recoleta, this restaurant is the right option if you want to taste regional food, and enjoy the parrilla, one of the most interest things in the menu. The ambience is cozy and informal. The grilled vegetable juntadito, the tenderized pig skirt steak, and the grilled polenta are some of its specialties.

Don Julio

Address: Guatemala (esquina Gurruchaga) 4691 – Palermo

This parrilla has the peculiarity of operating in the first two-story house of Palermo. The place is rustic, as the authentic parrilla criolla should be. Don Julio’s meat is famous for being served medium rare, with plentiful and delicious servings. The service is excellent and prices are reasonable. Undoubtedly, it is highly recommendable.

Casa Roca

Address: San Martín 579 – San Nicolás

Today turned into a luxurious and exclusive restaurant difficult to be discovered by a distracted passer-by (since no poster announces its gastronomical activity), it is a historical house that belonged to the daughters of former president Julio Argentino Roca.
It maintains the style and charm belonging to the family who inhabited it, and offers an exquisite and well-taken care of signature cuisine capable of setting out to make the guest feel right at home, enjoying a homemade meal. However, the supply of delights ranges from appetizers of false lobster to lamb ragout as a main course, or parfait of mint for dessert, among other tempting dishes of the same level. The setting makes us feel in the house of one of the great Argentinean families who built history a century ago. Every detail, from the table linen to the set of dishes, to the historical objects exhibition space, makes it a unique place to be visited. This house was inaugurated in 1908, and the former president Julio Roca used to live in the construction on the side. History recounts that the house was officially inaugurated for the celebration of the marriage of one of his daughters. It is there where he lived, as the book “Soy Roca” (I am Roca), by Félix Luna, recounts in great detail.


El Desnivel

Address: Defensa 855 – San Telmo

This special barbeque place is located in the traditional neighborhood of San Telmo where the presence of Carlos Gardel can still be felt. The menu is painted on the walls with traditional porteño paintings, “fileteado” and the decoration will take you to old times while you enjoy the delicacies that come from its coal-barbeque.

Tomo I

Address: Carlos Pellegrini 521 – San Nicolás

Do not be mistaken, Tomo I is upstairs from the restaurant that can be seen from the street. It has direct access by a glass elevator or through Hotel Panamericano. It is considered the best restaurant in the city. Sisters Ada and Hebe Concaro are the chefs. And, according to them, the menu is a collection of their “favorite things”.

Desde el alma

Address: Honduras 5298 – Palermo

This modern place is one of those few restaurants that make the guest feel at home. This is because of many factors, such as the small room (50 mts), the comfort of its armchairs and its low tables and the music criteria, which is at a perfect volume level.
It was inaugurated in 2001, which was a critical time for the country; however, it overcame the difficult times and it imposed as an option for a romantic dinner or an easy place to go out with friends.
The menu is limited, but the quality is high. The Patagonian lamb cooked over ember, grilled meat and other dishes of a very original combination.
This restaurant opens from Mondays to Saturday nights.

Mítico Sur

Address: Pasaje San Lorenzo 389 – San Telmo

For those looking for a glimpse of Patagonia in Buenos Aires, Mítico Sur (literally, Mithical South) proposes you unique experiences in a painteresque place. It is decorated as an old 105 year-old house that keeps its colonial spirit in its details and decorations of a typical southern style. It is located in San Telmo and it offers the possibility of interacting with the traditional or folklore concepts as well as the cultural and artistic ones from the Argentinian Patagonia.
It is open all day with breakfast and mid-day snacks apart from the traditional meals. Mítico Sur invites you to taste the exquisite cold cuts, tinned food and Patagonian cheese as well as its speciality: smoked delicatessens with craft beer. It is also an opportunity to taste regional dishes with wines from the fine wine cellars from the Argentine South. During the mornings and the afternoons, breakfast or afternoon snacks are offered with the traditional varieties of Patagonian tea and Welsh Cakes, homemade cakes or exquisite regional jams on bread. All the products are made in a traditional way.
Some days in the week, during dinner, Inés Sarmenti paints live making the public curious, specially foreigners: glaciers, lakes, mountains, green and gold landscapes make up the speciality of the wonderful Argentinian artist.