Sushi Club (Pto.Madero)

Address: Petrona Eyle 417 – Puerto Madero

It has become a classic for sushi lovers, among the best in the genre. It offers a varied and attractive menu of makis, rolls, niguiris and sashimi, both typical and original combinations of excellent elaboration and high quality ingredients.
The offer is either buffet style or á la carte. For the first option, all the customers at the table have to agree on a certain choice from the offer the delicacies, (among them all sushi creations, and seafood like oysters, lobster and others), thus being able to take as much as they like.
Apart from sushi, there are appetizers, hot options and typical Japanese desserts. The wine menu includes varietals of the best brands, good champagne, sake and Japanese beer.
Delivery service is available to the whole city; therefore, ordering early is highly recommended as, apart from being prepared upon placement, the business is located in Puerto Madero.