Saint’s Bar

Address: Lavalle 4082 – Almagro

This bar offers a wide range of varied options. On the one hand, this bar offers excellent drinks, the Saint’s is the most recommended one, which is an exclusive drink of this bar.
It also has a dance floor, in which all kinds of music are played, and a pool table. It is open from Thursdays to Saturdays. There are live bands every night performing on its imposing stage that later invite the guests to dance to the rhythm of good music. There is a promotion of an only price for beer on draught and pizza, you can have as many pizzas as you want for no extra charge.
There is the possibility of relaxing in the garden, a pleasant place for an easy talk.
The special feature of Saint’s Bar is that it offers everyone who want to, to hang their works of art on the walls.
You can arrange events there that will include a final toast footed by the bar.