Saint Moritz

Address: Esmeralda 894 – Retiro

Located on the corner of Paraguay and Esmeralda, the Confitería Saint Moritz is a blast from the past, a confitería from a bygone age, a place to come for a coffee, to read the newspapers, or to sit at the bar and drink beer, although spirits and aperitifs are more apt. Besides its intellectual status, Confitería Saint Moritz is also a “cerveceria”, a café selling beer, so youre welcome inside, take a table in the large room that resembles a railway station café, and order a beer from the dickie-bowed waiter.

Its not long before the headache appears, despite not touching the demon-drink. The cause of the instantaneous headache is the tables, which are covered in monstrous, yellow sugar-pots. The yellowness is an instant migraine. Not only are the sugar-pots exceptionally ugly, but also the jugs of water, given to customers with a coffee, resemble the face of a duck-billed platypus!

Whilst the waiter-service is a high standard, and thoroughly outdated, the method of throwing a receipt (a bill) onto the table with your order seems like a bad attitude, but is the way of the argentines. In partnership with the waiter is a barman, who seems to be drowning under the immense selection of beers, wines and spirits at the bar.

As Argentina is so very, very British in its personality, architecture, bar-mentality, outlook and lifestyle, the Confitería Saint Moritz has an Argentinean flag hanging in the window to reassure passers-by that theyre in South American and not south London – an easy thought to have!