Café El Banderín

Address: Guardia Vieja 3601 – Almagro

This is one of those historic bars that attract young customers and tourists; this is, beyond doubt, due to the 450 pennants crowding it. In the old times, the customer belonged to the surroundings, and came for a morning glass, and after-lunch coffee, and an evening card game, as there was no TV.
In 1923, “El Asturiano” food store opened in this place. In 1962, when the first market in the neighbourhood opened, the store closed down, and the bar went on in business.
All the items date back from the ‘20s but the tin counter, which was changed in 1962.
It serves picadas, sandwiches, coffee, fine wines, beer and vermut, among others.

Café Don Juan

Address: Camarones 2702 – Villa Santa Rita

Don Juan is a typical neighborhood café built in 1920 on this corner of Camarones and Condarco streets. It takes up the ground floor of a two-story building that has been very well kept since its modifications in the ‘40s. It keeps an old tin counter, a boisserie, Viennese chairs, guillotine-like wooden windows, all of good material; warmth and good service added, it has been chosen for many films.
Among the renowned habitués are Pedro Quartucci, Irma Roy and Osvaldo Pappaleo, Leonardo Simmons and also Alfredo Alcón, which is proved by the pictures on the walls. Even Robert Duvall, the “consegliere” in “The Godfather”, a fan of our music, stopped by sometime and breathed tango, for which he chose Don Juan for his movie “Assassination tango”.


Address: Brasil 399 – San Telmo

This bar was originally created in 1930 with another name, but then it became the place of choice by the British soldiers that lived in Buenos Aires; therefore it was named “British”.
The bar is located in front of Parque Lezama and it is an austere place where a number of collectibles such as the old glass cabinet with old bottles. Among said bottles there is the Lucera aperitif that was the fashionable drink a long time ago.
It is said that the writer Ernesto Sábato wrote a part of his book “Sobre héroes y tumbas” (On Heroes and Tombs) here.
During the day, lots of young people attend it, cinema students in general (due to the proximity of the Cinema Private University) and during the night this place is chosen by taxi-drivers who gather to play cards and dominoes while they enjoy the typical dinners from Buenos Aires or cold cuts & cheese with beer.


Bar Seddon

Address: Defensa 695 – San Telmo

This bar is only twenty years old, thus being one of the youngest “Notables”. It started business on 25 de Mayo St., close to the corner of Córdoba Ave.
It deserves the honor of being among the Notables due to the impression of time freezing in its interior, for the classic decorative items, such as the old furniture, chandeliers, antique dealers’ display cabinets, a railroad clock and French and Italian Sculptures.
The classic are beer and peanuts, whiscola, cuba libre and tequila. It is a good option to have a candle-lit dinner.
Some days, it offers tango lessons, and there are excellent live blues and jazz during the weekend.


Bar Plaza Dorrego

Address: Defensa 1096 / 98 – San Telmo

This place carries a great background, having been chosen as the meeting point by the youngsters who, under the military administrations, shared the dream of freedom. It is said the great writers Ernesto Sábato and Jorge Luis Borges would gather here in earlier times.
It is always crowded on Sundays during the San Telmo fair; therefore, finding a spot implies patience. In the center of the room there is an old register on the counter, which invites you to stand at the bar and have a beer. Its signature is the floors covered in peanut shells, as they are always at hand for guests to have with their drinks.


Bar Oviedo

Address: Av Lisandro de la Torre 2407 – Mataderos

This historical bar is located only a few steps away from the Mataderos livestock market and from the Popular Argentine Traditions and crafts Fair. It opens its doors during the whole week, being Saturday the busiest day since the Fair visitors stop by. During the rest of the week the local churchmen visit this bar wearing the typical footwear of the area known as “alpargatas corraleras”. In front of this blue and yellow bar you can see the year it was built: 1900. The remainders of a “palenque” (kind of fence for special purposes) still stand in its sidewalk and the wooden and metal tables mix the billiard ones. Its specialty are sandwiches in general, homemade empanadas and some barbeque as for a quick lunch.

Bar El Federal

Address: Carlos Calvo 395 / 399 – San Telmo

This bar is located in a traditional corner of San Telmo and it has been in business since 1864 so it is worthy of being among the “Bares Notables”, since the visitor finds himself automatically stepping back as if he were in the time tunnel.
The most impressive item upon entrance is the bar, crowned by a wood-and-stained-glass arch with an inactive clock in the middle. It preserves the original tile floor, and has decorative elements that stress, unlike a great many, the true “porteño” spirit: “filetes”, old tables, the wooden shelves crowded with a collection of bottles, the register from yesteryear, and many other signs that situate us back in time.
The place is not only traditional but the menu agrees perfectly with its appearance: Fernet, Gancia, or craft beer; a sandwich, sirloin steak or a “picada”, so unique to this city are among the options when resting or reading a book from the small library the bar has. Likewise, it offers more elaborate meals, like pasta, steak or local fast food.
This place is quiet and ideal for whiling time away, for a retreat from the hectic activity out the door. During the weekend at midday, there are tango singers that go around the tables, getting people to rehearse some steps as long as they agree.
On Fridays and Saturday nights, it turns into a dance-pub, and youngsters fill it up thus recovering a place that belongs to the history of the city.
Reservations are required.


Bar El Estaño 1880

Address: Aristóbulo del Valle 1100 – La Boca

A couple of Spanish immigrants opened it in 1939 , receiving the current name in 1976, when their son took charge. It recalls the building’s age on the one side, and the 3,5m tin counter, which is said to be unique in Buenos Aires in such size.
The decoration in highly original, with a carved wooden coating on the walls and a giant mural standing out together with the shelves in the part where the store used to be. There are also antique objects such as the fridges or a German cold cuts slicer, which are preserved in the best shape possible through restoration.
For these features, it has been the stage for many films.
It organizes the literary “mate cocido” for the children that attend school in the surroundings, so that they learn the true story and escape the visual invasion of today’s consumption trend.
This mission makes it a refuge for artists and bohemians of La Boca and of other places where there is no place like this one.

Bar del Hotel Alvear

Address: Av Alvear 1891 – Recoleta

It constitutes the lobby of the Alvear five-star hotel, one of the most distinguished places in the city, located in the core of Recoleta. Stunningly beautiful, it was built following the French style of the 18th century revealed in the Ritz Hotels.
The Sunday brunches are considered to be the best in the city. The round marble tables stand out in this sumptuous frame once visited by many different world known characters, from the Prince of Wales to Arthur Miller, from Joan Manuel Serrat to Kenzo, from the Spanish Royal Family to Sharon Stone, among many others.


El C.O.D.O

Address: Guardia Vieja 4085 – Almagro

This recently redesigned restaurant opens at 10pm, offering pizza or pasta (you can repeat the dish or the beverages as many times as you want). After 1am it turns into a dance floor. This is where the best classics of the 70’s are revived, which makes this a very special place to go with nostalgic friends and who want to dance.