Pancho 46

Address: Constituyentes y Gral. Paz s/n – San Martín (Prov. Buenos Aires)

Located in San Martín, a neighborhood of Greater Buenos Aires, though really close to the General Paz Avenue. It is a classic to go by this store and order the famous “hot dog” (“Pancho”, in Argentinean Spanish). The reason is unknown, but the fact is that Pancho 46 hot dogs have a special taste and this has turned it into the hot dog leader from its beginnings, almost 40 years ago, despite being outside the restaurant circuit. It opens 24 hours a day.

El puestito del tío

Address: Dorrego 3000 – Palermo

It is indeed a food stand in the street, but outside the most traditional circuits, such as those along the coastal road. Although it is not a restaurant in itself, it is worth mentioning that the level of meat is just as good or even better, and clients do not need to wait endlessly like in the most crowded restaurants. Not very far from the woods of Palermo, in the Puestito del Tío, groups of friends and families coexist, taking advantage of the visit to taste a delicious choripán or a steak sandwich.


Address: Córdoba 5270 – Villa Crespo

What was once a pizzeria for taxi drivers, has now been turned into a not-such-an-inexpensive alternative. However, no one can deny this Palermo pizzeria from being the creator of the “canchera” pizza (pizza with tomato and garlic, without cheese). The rest of the pizzas are also good.

La Rosalía

Address: Scalabrini Ortiz 1538 – Palermo

A typical exponent of the parrilla al paso (fast service), a few blocks away from lively Plaza Serrano. The place is not all in all comforting, but the meat is really good and prices are more than acceptable. In addition to sitting at a table, you can dine standing or order take-out.

La Pepita

Address: Niceto Vega 5525 – Palermo

It is placed at a privileged location for night lovers, close to the main nightclubs in Palermo Hollywood. That is why it is an ideal place to grab a bite before going to a late night party. Hot dogs (panchos) and sandwiches can be ordered with beer.


Address: Honduras 5301 – Palermo

This pizzeria in Palermo Soho offers the right balance between spending a good time and having a good meal. Their pizza is perfect to eat with the hand. Among the choices, we may find the traditional ones and the special “Pekín” (grilled vegetables chop suey). In case you come in a large group, it would be a good idea to order a pizza tapeo, which allows customers to share and taste a little bit of each specialty. It also offers a rich variety of sandwiches made with pizza dough. The place is ideal for going out with friends at night.


Address: Córdoba 1577 – San Nicolás

For balanced food culture lovers, this is the most recommendable option. The place is not all in all quiet, but this is made up by the speed of the service and the healthy nature of their macrobiotic cuisine. It is a fast food, so you need to approach the counter to ask for the dishes. The specialties include salads, breaded soy and eggplant patties (milanesa), and brown rice dishes.


Address: Corrientes 1368 – San Nicolás

It is a typical downtown pizzeria. The quality of the pizza is assured. This is backed up by the number of people that fills up Guerríns capacity at weekends. It’s a large establishment with many dining tables; for those passing by, it also has a countertop to eat standing up. The Muzzarella con fainá pizza is the great specialty of the house.

California Burrito & Co

Address: Lavalle 441 – San Nicolás

It is a tex-mex fast food restaurant. Mexican food has long been welcomed in the Porteño taste, and what could be better than an inexpensive and fast version of these dishes? Burritos, tacos, and salads are all part of the repertoire. Even though it is a fast-food restaurant, it is possible to make several combinations to build the menu. The store is quite large, with tables to dine in, but it also offers delivery, widely used by downtown office executives.


Address: Sarmiento 635 – San Nicolás

The best sandwiches are found at this downtown store. Taste and variety are unparalleled, but the most amazing is the speed of elaboration and service. A long U-shaped bar is the place where you can enjoy a fast lunch when going out from the office at midday or simply when you want to indulge yourself in the best sandwich of the Porteño downtown.