Pacha Buenos Aires

Address: Costanera Norte y La Pampa s/n – Costanera Norte

Pachá is the biggest discotheque in Buenos Aires, a fact that is known by everyone since it inaugurated. Since it is in front of the river, it reminds of the Mediterranean sea along with the fact that Ibiza is where its original house stands.
Its restaurant offers a Mediterranean cuisine also corresponding to its origins. It opens at 6pm for dinner and then it gets packed with people after midnight. In general, the party continues until around 8am.
On the dance floors the music that predominates is techno, house and dance, where the DJs play a crucial role and they have international recognition. It also normally organizes events with guest DJs that gather a large amount of public.
It also opens its doors for the youngest as a “matinee” on Saturdays at 7pm.

Club Pacha is within Pacha, but it’s public is more exclusive. It is for young adults and it opens on Saturday nights. There is no entrance fee and it functions with a guest list system. It constitutes a different option for a small groups. It offers excellent pizza and Fallemanol, that is crème ice-cream, Bailey’s and whiskey.