Address: Sarandí 1190 – San Cristóbal

This is an old store that functions as a bar, a restaurant and a café-concert. It displays a tango setting, and keeps the walls with the paint falling off. The menu is written on a piece of cardboard and the decoration stays through the years as an example of what is genuine and its charm. The cuisine is excellent, and it is possible to eat “like back then” the classic dishes of our cuisine, very well elaborated, in generous servings. The snails, innards and lentils stew, and prawns in piquillo peppers, among others, are a must. It always plays tango in the background; during the weekend, it offers live shows featuring the best interpreters of our music, like a bandoneón (big accordion) player.
The drinks, especially campari, are recommended.
This place owns a personality unlike any other.