Maluco Beleza

Address: Sarmiento 1728 – San Nicolás

There is a part of Brazil in this corner of Congreso, that is revived each night with an attendance that steals the show with its will to have fun. In general, they are young adults.
It has a restaurant of international cuisine and it also offers live presentations of a band during dinner. At midnight there are dance shows, starred by professionals who show the real way of dancing capoeira, lambada and other dance styles of the green and yellow country. For those who prefer other music styles rather than Brazilian, they can go to the first floor. You can dance or just sit and chat at the bar.
It opens on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Wednesday’s menu is feijoada, Brazil’s most traditional dish, among other dishes. The drinks that stand our are: daiquiri, Brazilian shakes and maracuyá.