Las Cuartetas

Address: Av. Corrientes 838 – San Nicolás

It originated 70 years ago and nowadays it has the third generation of regular customers. There is no way to avoid its flavor and the service to those who go there since they were born and now they follow this tradition.
This place remains intact and it is one of those typical “al paso” places where you eat while standing that resist modernity that has history and anecdotes that will remain engraved there forever.
There is an anecdote that makes reference to the birth of the Salvatore pizza: during the 30s, Salvador, a customer who happened to be an Italian immigrant, demanded to combine the contents of the mozzarella, onion and anchovies pizzas. These ingredients had to be cooked together with the raw dough in the oven. It succeeded and it later became famous among the rest of the customers.
It opens every day at noon and at night.