La Parolaccia (Puerto Madero)

Address: Alicia Moreau de Justo 1052 – Puerto Madero

This restaurant opens at noon and during the night and it remains open after midnight for the typical late dinners. On the one hand we can find the branches that are specialized on pasta and that serve elaborate dishes with a very varied menu. On the other hand, “La Parolaccia del Mare” offers the best dishes of fish and seafood, without neglecting the pasta, which is its speciality by far.
The premises are decorated for the client to be comfortable. Good taste governs the decoration and the immaculate white of the tablecloths and the waiter’s uniforms. The waiters are highly trained so as to satisfy all the demands of the customers and to answer to every question and to satisfy the requests for opinion. There are machines that keep wines at the right temperature and that allow for the sale of wine by glass; with a menu that hosts a broad variety.
The presentation of the dishes is spotless and the quality of the products can be noticed in each bite. Regarding the recommendations, the pastas they make are on the first place, although you can also choose the dry Italian pasta. For dessert, tiramisu is highly advisable.
The relation of price and quality and service stands out.