La Buena Medida

Address: Suárez 101 – La Boca

It was a store and drinks place at first, its name coming from the motto: “to drink, you’d better drink good; to drink good…the good measure”.
It was turned into this bar in 1972. Its owners are Angel and Antonio Schiavone, father and son, who acquired the place in 1971.
It offers mainly bologna and prosciutto sandwiches, and homemade dishes at lunchtime. The drink most ordered is wine and sparkling water, which replaced the gin and the coffee.
After the ‘80s, bohemians started to disappear and the port ceased its activities, which dragged this symbol to stagnation.
It keeps great part of its charm, as it has not been substantially modified. However, a restoration is necessary, especially in the floor and the formica table tops.