La Bourgogne

Address: Ayacucho 2027 – Recoleta

This restaurant belongs to the Alvear Palace Hotel, deemed the best in the city among the VIP gastronomy. It is the only one in Latin America rated Relais Gourmand, a distinction in the gastronomic industry due to quality and service. It is in charge of the chef Jean Paul Bondoux, who offers an exclusive menu, French cuisine stands out, plus tasty and greatly prepared meats, including seafood, lamb, deer, rabbit and duck.
Dinner is never below $170, the extensive menu of wine and champagne from wineries from all around the world, with varietals of exclusive vintages, may raise the price to a considerable amount. It is said some people have paid $5000 for a single dinner.
This is, therefore, an exclusive place for the most exigent customers who expect an unforgettable gourmet experience only available to the “chosen” ones.
It opens everyday except on Sundays, from 12am to 3pm, and from 8pm to 3am.