Green Bamboo

Address: Costa Rica 5802 – Palermo

It consists of a small place in a warm setting, where a big Buddha welcomes its guests from one end of the bar, regularly acting as the host. It is said the tradition of putting a coin in his mouth and stroking his stomach will bring prosperity. The young founders of the restaurant maintain the legend that if this Buddha broke, the place would have to close down. This small place is recommended for those who fall for Vietnamese delicacies. The dishes present excellent elaboration, in the very best combination of products and tastes. They are served in a highly original way, with a great sense of taste, on gigantic banana skin and natural coconut. Even the crockery details are taken care of.
It offers very good assistance, and asking the waiter for advice is a good course of action. Its menu is limited. However, it provides good options that include different types of meat and pasta of the region. Peter, the barman, always offers the “drink of the day”, his “Goldy Soul” is specially recommended; it contains ginger, lime, vodka, cassis liquor and Sake. Among the appetizers and desserts, you can find excellent and delicious exotic options. For the main course, the must is the “Duaton”, consisting of a type of curry prepared with seafood and white salmon, marinated in Galanga and sweet chillies, cooked in coconut milk and palm oil, with corn, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, rice and syrupy coconut chips. Reservations are necessary, as the Green Bamboo is invariably crowded.