Address: San Martín 975 – Retiro

This unique place is located in the downside of Buenos Aires, which hasn’t got a very long tradition, even though its popularity leads us to think that it has been on business for as long as the oldest pizza stores. Its decoration and its style show its modern touch with its big colorful lamps and the paintings in its walls. Besides, there is an exposition room in the basement.
Its specialties are real works of art: the least orthodox people may order an Alla Gianni, which has champignons and artichoke cores. There are also the so-called white pizzas that have everything except for tomato. One of them, the Alla Patate, is extravagant: mozzarella, rosemary, olive oil and thin potato slices. It also serves the finest pastas. Among the most traditional suggestions are the champignon loin and the di tutto salad. It opens at noon and it closes at 2am. Many choose it to have a drink on the counter; the Esgropino drink stands out.