River Plate Soccer Stadium

Address: Av. Figueroa Alcorta y Av. Udaondo s/n – Belgrano

It is located in the elegant neighborhood of Núñez and it is the stadium of one of the two most popular football clubs: River Plate, which is related to the high society and to the Argentinian bourgeoisie. Its eternal rival is Boca Juniors, which is related to the lower classes. Due to said fact, the fans of this club state that they represent “half plus one of the country” bragging before River Plate about the number of fans they have. In spite of the stereotype of its followers, this club, whose name only means Silver River, obviously alluding to the Río de la Plata, recognizes the same place of birth as its rival. It was born in the La Boca neighborhood in 1901 during a carnival, when a group of youngsters took some red ribbons that hanged from the carnival carriages and attached them to their white t-shirts in a diagonal, giving origin to the “red band”, the famous t-shirt that would be its trademark forever. There is where its first seat was born, but then it moved to Palermo where it stayed forever in the Núñez neighborhood.
Its stadium was inaugurated in 1938 with a capacity for 70,000 people, who made it one of the biggest stadiums in Latin America, which gave place to its nickname “El Monumental” (the monumental). It was modified and updated in 1978 because of the World Cup in Argentina. It is the central seat for the all the games the National Football League plays and also for important events of Los Pumas (the official National Rugby League) and it is transformed into one of the most important places for the mega music concerts of great bands such as The Rolling Stones, U2, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Madonna, Guns n’ Roses, among many others. The River Plate Club is located in the neighboring premises to the stadium, where more than 60 activities related to sports, society and culture are developed here. The indoors Olympic swimming pool and the big interactive museum stand out.
The “Monumental” is the largest in Argentina