Enfundá la mandolina

Address: Salguero 1440 – Palermo

The mixture of ideas of three friends in their thirties led this old big house that was slightly restyled with turquoise, orange and yellow walls to be a hit that makes them very proud.
They still keep the elements and symbols of yesterday, such as tango (now in mp3 format), the vinyl, etc. At the same time, the originality of each plate is unique and it is so amazing that it doesn’t even give the chance of expressing amazement since they take your breath away. The dishes constitute a sample of the local traditional ones; however, the novelty is the container in which the stew is served, the candy container that has lentils or the unique sauces that join the meals.
It is a large and warm space, where the service is a fundamental aggregate to make the visitors feel that they want to come back.
It opens from Monday to Saturday night, and Saturdays and Sundays at noon.