El Preferido de Palermo

Address: Jorge Luis Borges 2108 – Palermo

The tourists visiting Palermo cannot resist the temptation of coming into “El Preferido de Palermo” (the favorite in Palermo), in Borges and Guatemala streets, which is placed in a hundred-year-old construction of thick walls and an only floor. It keeps, like just a few, the traditional store that sold drinks, which connects to the bar through a door where there used to be a curtain of color stripes. Like in old stores, the entrance to it is in the octagonal side, flanked by two streetlamps, the entrance to the bar being on Borges st., with a wider façade with columns and cornices of Italian style.
Since it opened in 1900, it has been a family business. When it was a store, a lot of people would come in for a vermut, and a little over a decade ago, some meals were added in a simple and homemade menu.
This classic congregates the all-time habitués, generally people from around, youngsters and tourists added; they all contribute to the preservation of this tradition that resists the imposition of today’s ephemeral trends.