El Obrero

Address: Agustín R. Caffarena 64 – La Boca

This restaurant is located on La Boca neighborhood and it constitutes perfect evidence of the fanaticism for football that governs this neighborhood as well as the simpleness of the people of this place and the warmth that the customers receive.
To begin with, the owners, two Spanish brothers, wander the place dressed as waiters and being at the service of customers. The walls are covered in “treasures” of the most popular sport,
Regarding the kitchen, there is a mixture of typical Spanish food, such as octopus and other seafood; Italian food, such as homemade pasta, and typical food of Buenos Aires, of which asado stands out above any other food; you can also enjoy some locro.
There are many sizes of portions, which invites you to go with children knowing that no food will be wasted.
This restaurant has been the location for many movies and it receives important characters, national as well as international.
It is among the very few recommendations in La Boca; therefore it is necessary to book in advance or to go early, otherwise you may not get a table.