El Barracas

Address: Villarino 2359 – Barracas

Located in what was once the old general store for the first railway station on a magical corner in Buenos Aires hidden like a treasured secret, El Barracas offers its guests, tango and cuisine in the authentic Porteña tradition.
This original proposal, kept for 75 select diners, is a unique combination of the best in dining pleasure with a highly refined and never strident tango show, for those who seek the authentic and wish to see it close up. The surroundings and views in the room are a natural setting for everything that takes place in El Barracas: The history of the tango and its development told in music, song and dance, staged by a cast of the city’s best musicians led by Fernando Marzán, together with two singers and three couples of world-class tango dancers, a historically accurate wardrobe, rich in nuances and of the finest quality, as well as the most advanced technology in lighting and sound.
The cuisine, based on an original gastronomy design, is achieved with the highest quality ingredients, accompanied by the finest of wines from Argentinas most renowned wineries.
The authentic setting of the Barracas neighbourhood with the old train station as its impressive backdrop completes this experience that invites repetition.