Divina Patagonia

Address: Honduras 5710 – Palermo

This restaurant has been created by people from Patagonia in a warm restaurant in Palermo that is a corner in the far south in an old neighborhood house. The decoration is inspired on the flora of Patagonia with many different autochthonous flowers such as amancay and lupín. Each of said flowers has a religious meaning for the aborigines. The raw materials are specially brought from Patagonia in order to prepare the dishes as the Divina Patagonia salad, with deer in spiced oil, herbs, cheese, toasted almonds, dried tomatoes and Andean vinegar. There is also wild boar sirloin with mango, Patagonian lamb with forest mushrooms and fresh trout grilled with toasted almonds. There are also desserts prepared with fine ingredients such as raspberries from El Bolsón or rosa mosqueta from Bariloche.
It also has a small shop where you can buy regional high-quality products.