Contigo Perú

Address: Echeverría 1627 – Belgrano

Contigo Perú is the genuine expression of Peruvian tradition. The place is simple and austere, but food is delicious. It is the ideal restaurant for dining with friends. As a starter, you can taste a Pisco Sour and jelly or mixed ceviche. As main course, lomo saltado (marinated sirloin strips), rice with seafood, or ají de gallina (chicken in spicy sauce) are excellent options. Drinks include the classic Inca Kola, and Pilsen Callao or Cusqueña beers. For dessert: A mazamorra morada (milky pudding made with red-purple corn) or a suspiro limeño (baked milk pudding with Italian meringue). Really inexpensive prices and great service.

Primavera Trujillana

Address: Franklin D. Roosevelt 1627 – Belgrano

Passing by the restaurant’s door, it may just go unnoticed. However, this indifference vanishes when one gets to know it. Its captivating good service and food quality, in addition to the unbeatable prices, will make you want to come back more than once. Fish and seafood are the main dishes in the menu, and they are prepared with different ingredients typical of Peru. Ceviche and prawn chupe are some of the options available. At noon, incredibly inexpensive menus are served, ideal for students.

Todos contentos

Address: Arribeños 2177 – Belgrano

According to an unquestionable rule of thumb, a restaurant is good if it is always crowded. And that rule does apply to Todos Contentos. Its quality and plentiful dishes are also unquestionable. As a starter, spring rolls are strongly recommended. As main course, options include chaw fan, chaw mien and the classic chop suey, which can be seasoned with soy sauce or sweet-and-sour sauce. There are many other more elaborate dishes as well. The place is really nice, though rather noisy. The décor is simple, with Chinese-themed ornaments. The restaurant has two halls with several tables, not very distant from one another. Customers should not worry about keeping their voice down: Todos Contentos is the ideal place for having lunch or dinner with friends, and without restrictions. Finally, it is worth mentioning that prices are more than acceptable, and the service is fast and efficient.


Address: Vuelta de Obligado 2072 – Belgrano

Capisci is a large restaurant with a privileged location: it is in the Recova of the neighborhood of Belgrano, next to the Cathedral, in front of the square where there is a handicraft market on weekends. The old restored brick building creates a unique atmosphere, particularly in the recova (arcade) area, with cobblestone paved floors. Food is varied. The options available range from pizza to pasta, meat, and fish dishes.

Parrillón de Juan Lacaze

Address: Salta 490 – Monserrat

Located on the corner of Salta and Venezuela Streets, where “Vinería de Monserrat” used to be, the Parrillón de Juan Lacaze decks out as a bodegón (unsophisticated traditional restaurant). With its old recycled furniture, hanging iron lamps, decorative barrels and colorful large bottles, the ambience has a historical atmosphere rather than a rustic one. Even though the specialty of the place is parrilla (barbecue), Head Chef Blanca Corrales does an excellent job and both homemade pasta and pamplonas and chotos are really tasty (typical Uruguayan parrilla dishes, whose main ingredients are chicken or loin fillet rolled and filled with cheese, tomato, pepper and other ingredients).


Address: Tucumán 400 – San Nicolás

The restaurant, related to La Petanque Brasserie, revives French Romanticism in the very heart of the financial district. Thousands of famous French people’s eyes watch from the pictures hanging on the walls, and invite visitors to lose themselves in the legends that surround them. The Chef, Vanessa Plaza, amazes customers with her delicacies. Fondue bourguignonne, Café de París steak, mussels topped with saffron and Dijon mustard sauce as main courses; and profiterole, chocolate marquise, or Tarte Tatin as desserts, are some of the options that make you wonder why Edith Piaf sings La vie en rose.

Brasserie Petanque

Address: Defensa 596 – Monserrat

Brasserie Petanque, like any other brasserie, is a large place in which the murmur of some voices fills the surrounding silence. Its menu recreates traditional French food, with delicious dishes such as Emincés de magret à l’orange or Entrecôte grillé with shallots and green salad. Brasserie is a French word for ‘beer factory’, reason why the wide variety of beers offered in this place is truly justified. In addition to the dishes described above, there is a really complete menu of delicious wines, making this restaurant an irresistible option for the savvy drinker.

Spiagge di Napoli

Address: Independencia 3527 – Almagro

It is an old Italian style canteen that keeps, in its more than 80 years of history, its typical family and noisy atmosphere. Dishes are traditionally plentiful. While Italian cuisine is its highlight, the menu also offers some dishes such as Basque style sea bass, Valencian style kidneys, and dishes typical of Buenos Aires. The most recommendable are fusilli al fierrito (corkscrew pasta made by twisting the dough around a rod) and vermicelli with stew sauce. The food quality/price ratio is highly encouraging.


Address: Av. Del Libertador 4625 – Palermo

With an American style, Kansas is one of the biggest attractions in Palermo. Apart from its distinctive style, a mixture of informal and luxurious, it seduces with plentiful, high quality servings. One weak point is that you have to wait long at weekends because of the massive attendance and the fact that you cannot book a table on the phone. The star dish is the Houston Barbecue Ribs, i.e. pig ribs covered in barbecue sauce, with a delicious sweet and sour taste. As dessert, brownies are irresistible. In case you have to wait, you can approach the bar and order a cold draught beer and nachos. All in all, Kansas is a good combination of good food and an authentic American environment, at reasonable prices.

Mamá Europa

Address: Benjamín Matienzo 1599 – Palermo

In Las Cañitas you can find this restaurant that offers Jewish and Central-European food. It is decorated in a sober and warm fashion. There are original drawings of Hermenegildo Sábat, a big Art Deco style clock, and a Jewish temple’s armchair. The distance between tables is spacious, which favors customers’ privacy. Among the dishes in the menu, it is worth to mention the Potato Varenyky with duck crackling, the Gefilte fish, the Russian Yarkoie, the Lamb Moussaka, and the Hot Pastrami on rye. The wine menu offers over 50 labels. Table service is free of charge.