Puerta Roja

Address: Chacabuco 733 – San Telmo

The Puerta Roja is one of those unpretentious, non-flamboyant places. It is a simple, decent proposal, without many decorative efforts, which invites visitors to knock on its door to offer them its best. Walking up the stairs, you can find the bar, where you may order the drinks shown on the blackboard at really convenient prices. The bar has low tables with barstools and traditional tables where dinner dishes are served, apart from the bar area. A pool table and varied music complete the proposal. It is one of the favorite options of foreign tourists, though porteños frequently visit the bar as well. The Puerta Roja is open every day until 6 am and serves meals until 2 am.


Address: Perú 895 – San Telmo

It is an English-style bar, which, on a small sign, emphatically makes it clear that it is not Irish. It is frequently visited by tourists and office employees during the now typical “after office”. The level and diversity of beers and whiskies are excellent, and prices are inexpensive in relation to quality. Gibraltar is also a very good alternative to have dinner. The menu is really varied: it offers international, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, and Indian food. Curry dishes stand out. Happy hour is from 6 pm to 9 pm. It has its own parking lot.

Locos por el Fútbol

Address: Vicente López 2056 – local 8 – Recoleta

This theme-bar hosts the fans of the most popular sport: football; which is the main theme of the bar but there is room for other sports in its giant screens as well.
This constitutes a different proposal filled with love towards the ball and fun. It is the ideal place to have fun with friends before going to dance, specially on Saturday nights, since a showman makes the evening fun.
The menu has names that allude to sports and also a full promotional menu with reasonable prices. It is also possible to go there only to have a drink.
Nowadays there is also a branch in Madrid and the vision of the shareholders is to expand the business without boundaries to mix it with the best places to go out in Buenos Aires.



Address: Alvarez Jonte 3550 – Villa Luro

Tokio coffee & bar opened its doors in 1930. After having many owners and a slow but continuous process of deterioration it was finally abandoned in 2004. It’s state was so bad that there where no investors who felt attracted to restore it. It was meant to disappear.
It’s regular customers and the people who lived near got very sad because they felt as if a piece of their history was being let die. One day they decided to recover their own Tokio. It was a very hard work but it did pay off. The restoring of that coffee from the 30’s kept its style, the bar, the tables and their chairs and its huge glass door. It was inaugurated again on February 25th, 2005 and it attracted a whole new public and it received the “Notable” distinction by the city government. The objective of the shareholders is to preserve this unique place that cannot be replaced and to foster culture so that the past is not forgotten and so that new things can be learned every day.


Address: Florida 468 – San Nicolás

Known by everyone as the Richmond, this is a classic Florida street attraction. A place preserving the glamour of the 40’s where you can enjoy coffee or, during the evening, choose from the vast variety of sandwiches and a traditional tea table with pastries.
A place filled with history, muses and tradition. During the 20’s it became the seat for the meetings of the Grupo Florida (Florida group), an elite of young writers who published Martín Fierro Magazine. It had members like Jorge Luis Borges, Baldomero Fernández Moreno, Eduardo Mallea and Leopoldo Marechal, among others.
The echoes of the intellectual and creative debates that ‘The Richmond’ hosted still remain in the walls.


Confitería El Molino

Address: Rivadavia 1800 – Monserrat

This building, which opened in 1915, is now out of business, even though it will always be “Confiteria El Molino” for porteños. It was one of the “Bares Notables” (literally “remarkable bars”, were considered so by law because of their close relation to the local culture), a symbol of our city’s life, as a big part of our History originated in it. Being opposite to the National Congress, it was always a luxury neighbor; now it is up to your imagination to picture the gatherings that took place there and the rules and decisions made between those walls.
It is a dazzling Art Nouveau piece of architecture, with some outstanding pieces, like stained glass windows, bronze capitals, collector’s lighting objects, golden Venetian glass mosaic and the entrance marquises, which, even being disregarded, still keep their beauty. The most notorious symbol is the mill on top of the building, whose two arms appear as if they could start spinning at any moment…
Everybody longs for its reopening so our History may be built around it.


Bar Plaza

Address: Florida 1003 – Retiro

This bar belongs to the Marriott Plaza Hotel. It has a rather modest size and also all the glamour that matches the style of this excellent building. Among its peculiarities, we can find the stylish carpets, the boisserie, the equestrian pictures, the ground lamps, the green corduroy armchairs, and the elegant chairs that perfectly match the Georgian tables.
This place is ideal for a good drink and a cigar from its excellent offer, which is best to do at sunset.

Queen Bess

Address: Av Santa Fe 868 – Retiro

This is a bar and English tea house that keeps the British style and setting of the ‘50s. It is located in the heart of Retiro and it constitutes a classic tea spot that offers a wide variety of infusions and delicious cakes. At lunchtime, it offers salads, local fast food and sandwiches.

Café Martínez

Address: Talcahuano 948 – Retiro

This is the main branch of this Café that can be found in many important places in the city and its surroundings.
It is certainly a Gourmet Café, as it labels itself, due to the fact that it offers delicious coffee, among the best ones in the city, together with an interesting variety of sweets and original sandwiches.
At lunchtime, it offers an executive menu that always includes vegetarian options, like salads or pies.
This branch also offers free Wi Fi service for laptops.