Club 74

Address: Av. Figueroa Alcorta 7474 – Nuñez

This disco was named after the numbering in which it is located on Alcorta Ave. It was inaugurated in 1958 with another name and then changed it during the 70’s to the current name. It is the one with colorful floors, “Saturday Night Fever” style.
Disco, funk and soul music, apart from the arrival of the “retro” trend, were the basis that allowed for Club 74 to be kept alive until today.
The round walls without angles, the lights, the disco balls, the vinyl records that were listened by other generations, the big armchairs and other items from those times also stand out.
There is a very private place in the back of the disco with comfortable cushions; and there is a second floor with a bar.
It opens on Fridays at 1am.