Café Nostalgia

Address: Soler 3599 – Palermo

This café is located in the ground floor of the corner of Soler and Coronel Díaz, a seven-story building by the architect R. Scarpelli and the engineer J. Scarpelli. There are six three-feet yellow zinc tables and classic small wicker armchairs on the sidewalk; the latter have green tubes and area accompanied by three sunshades. The front has a two-door entrance and windows on both sides. Two more windows give natural light to the room; the beige curtains, the chairs and little thonet-like armchairs, the square tables and the bar, all in wood, contribute warmth to it. The atmosphere is nice, and the public is varied and young. The walls are covered with images like “Bières de la Meuse”, by Alphonse Mucha; a picture of the actor James Dean; old Coca Cola ads; or paintings, such as “Card Players” by Paul Cézanne, and others. Some walls have a wooden coating, and blue wallpaper with squares. By the column covered with mirrors, there is barrel full of peanuts to help oneself. Behind the counter, there is a mirror and shelves with bottles.
“Nostalgia” opens from eight on, until a convenient time, everyday but Sunday. For lunch, the options range from sandwiches to loin in plum sauce, or some good crepes.
This family business has been open since 1987.