Café Esquina Homero Manzi

Address: Av San Juan 3601 – Boedo

During the day it is a resto-bar that offers breakfast and lunch of executive menu prices.
It is one of the “Bares Notables”, (literally “remarkable bars”, were considered so by law because of their close relation to the local culture), and has a typical tango decoration.
At night, it offers a dinner-tango-show of high international level.
It has been named after one the greatest tango poets, Homero Manzi, author of immortal pieces, as this was where he would stop on a daily basis to meet with friends. Nowadays, we can find innumerable objects as keepsakes, such as scores, manuscripts, pictures, “fileteados” (typical paintings) with fragments of his famous songs like “Malena” or “Sur” among the most popular ones.