Café Don Juan

Address: Camarones 2702 – Villa Santa Rita

Don Juan is a typical neighborhood café built in 1920 on this corner of Camarones and Condarco streets. It takes up the ground floor of a two-story building that has been very well kept since its modifications in the ‘40s. It keeps an old tin counter, a boisserie, Viennese chairs, guillotine-like wooden windows, all of good material; warmth and good service added, it has been chosen for many films.
Among the renowned habitués are Pedro Quartucci, Irma Roy and Osvaldo Pappaleo, Leonardo Simmons and also Alfredo Alcón, which is proved by the pictures on the walls. Even Robert Duvall, the “consegliere” in “The Godfather”, a fan of our music, stopped by sometime and breathed tango, for which he chose Don Juan for his movie “Assassination tango”.