Bar El Chino

Address: Beazley 3566 – Pompeya

The Bar “El Chino”, located in the hub of Pompeya, a truly “malevo” neighbourhood, was born in 1944.
It was founded by “El Chino” Garcés, famous for being a happy singer; however, the loss of his only child darkened his life, and he drowned in sadness thus finally passing away.

It is an austere building where the paint cracks and peels off the walls, with a crowd of pictures and posters as the main ornamental resources. It has long trestle tables covered in paper.

It treasures highly important values for porteños such as the passion for tango, or the worship and loyalty to friendship and traditions; this way, it has been driven to resist the changes of time and to be a refuge to the authentic tango fans, who can go back to those years, thus reviving Masters of tango such as Homero Manzi.

This tradition is the reason why the bar was the title and main stage for a film produced in 2003, which intends to rescue its singular atmosphere and authenticity, for it is a legend.

It attracts enthusiast medium age people every weekend, peculiar characters, those who come from a different world, or even foreigners searching for the authentic.