Address: Gorriti 4918 – Palermo

A bandola is a foreign musical instrument adopted by Argentinean music and used in the most popular tango songs. Bandola is more than a restaurant; it is a space for cultural expression combining elements of culinary, music, and dancing. Customers can not only taste the dishes but also prepare them under expert supervision. The variety of choices allows customers to delight in the typical flavors of the different regions making up the country’s vast geography, from south to north. This variety includes pastelitos de dulce de batata (pastries filled with sweet potato jam) and bife de chorizo marinado en soja con ajos confitados (baby beef marinated in soy sauce and caramelized garlic), both of which are highly recommended. Along with these typical flavors, the place offers Andean folklore, jazz and bossa nova, and tango shows.