Bahrein ex “The Palace”

Address: Lavalle 345 – San Nicolás

This modern disco opened its doors a few years ago replacing “The Palace” in the building that used to be the seat for La Buenos Aires Building, built a century ago. It was a symbol of the Belle Epoque.
Its façade keeps its original style, although once you cross the door you can see the sophistication of its space which has been given an ambience of an appropriate criteria.
It has a restaurant of the Crizia company that opens at 10.30 that you can only access if you have booked in advance. There is a limited menu that varies according to the day and that invites to a toast to the tables of only women, after dessert.
The disco opens at 00.30, first on the main dance floor with a hip-hop show, later turning into techno music that keeps on playing for the whole night.
The “basement” opens a while later, and it attracts those who like dance music mixed with international rock and some techno and house tracks.
It is ideal for people of 20 years on; the favorite drink is strawberry daiquiri, which requires certain skills to be prepared.