Address: Av Corrientes 3330 – Balvanera Once

This is a unique place where fun is guaranteed. It is advised to go there with comfortable clothes and specially footwear that you are used to wear.
Azucar opened in 1993, copying the style of the Latin discos in the United States of America and adding the Argentine popular rhythms that matched it. Thus, adding styles when the most important thing is to have a good time enjoying the night with friends or with your partner.
It opens on Fridays and Saturdays at 0.30, offering the performances of live bands and it also has an academy that enables people who go there very often to learn to dance what they like the most. It is open during the whole week and it offers classes in charge of the best professionals. You can attend salsa, merengue, swing, casino, rock, etc, classes.
The premise of having fun is strictly respected during the lesson.
It is also a special place to celebrate events, such as birthdays or marriages, in a warm ambience that has all the Latin atmosphere.