Asia de Cuba

Address: O. Cossenttini 751 – Puerto Madero

On the select Eastern Puerto Madero, with a view out to the Woman’s Bridge and the docks of the restaurants on the opposite side of Puerto Madero, this is a multistage that offers options that range form an executive lunch or a romantic dinner, to an all-night-long dance. The style consists of a fusion of Latin and Eastern elements, offering different spaces, with sofas for groups, or tables for couples that offer the possibility of enjoying an intimate event, or a large number of tables outside as well, which allow for the outdoor enjoyment of this unique zone. It is among the fashion places of the moment, frequented by famous show-business figures.
The menu offers Eastern specialties that range from assorted sushi, salmon or seafood with a Latin touch, to Mexican inspired dishes or porteño productions using Eastern seasoning. The outcome is really satisfying for those in search of new flavours. Also, the variety of exotic drinks is highly recommended.