Address: Armenia 1366 – 1er piso – Palermo

Armenian cuisine is one of the oldest ones in the world and it is a strong identity mark of a nation that has suffered a number of continuous invasions to its territory. In Buenos Aires, more specifically in the neighborhood of Palermo many immigrants from this millenarian region have settled and they allow us to take a glance in one of its treasures: the food. In Armenia, located in the first floor of the Asociación Cultural Armenia (Armenian Cultural association) the stars are the flavors of the hometown. The dishes such as lamb strudel, shish kebab, and the pilav rice and tabule are prepared following the ancient standards of the traditional recipes. There is a show of traditional dances on Friday and Saturday night. The dances carried out by men show lots of strength and they are accompanied by music of great rhythm. The dances carried out by women are characterized by soft movements in which the hands and the head are very important.
You can also have your fortune read in your coffee cup, which is a very common practice in the Armenian culture after having dined.