Anciens Combattants

Address: Santiago del Estero 1435 – Constitución

It is located in the center of the Constitución neighborhood, in an old Italian house that dates back to the XIXth century and it is among the best restaurants of Buenos Aires. This place used to host the Union Française de Combattants during the 40’s, a place in which the former French combatants gather, whether they had fought in the world wars as in Indochina and Algiers. The tall ceilings have beautiful stained glass artworks and it has wooden floors and its walls are decorated with the names of all the combatants and the trophies of the combatants are also there among said trophies there is a flag that belonged to the Napoleonic army. The house is big but the restaurant is small: only five tables, so it is essential to book in advance. The handwritten menu is short but it is so good that it cannot be matched. The chef personally welcomes and explains each dish to the guests, the ingredients of the dishes and how he prepared them. The cuisine is French and of author, the dishes vary according to the season and the market offer.